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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by AzDragonLord, Jan 25, 2011.

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    For those who just ain't convinced yet: even with a 15% drop in MPG (versus gasoline), E85 is still a better choice for America because it's locally-made and burns much cleaner.

    Ethanol as E85 is the only Alternative fuel where Americans in over 1688 Cities actually have a CHOICE at the pump. E85 ethanol competing against gasoline brings competition lowering fuel costs for all Americans.

    Visit this site and check out current E85 price trends by state, verify or rebuke E85 rumors, check fuel cost-per-mile, review and share prices at local stations, swap stories and more. I'm not affiliated...just a fan!
  2. stephan

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    Agreed, but my closest E-85 station is still 128 miles away. It won't pencil out until they put one within 20 miles, & then it would be a "breakeven" scenario due to what I would burn for the round trip to fill up, & that would still be wasting fuel just to be buying E-85.. I wish just 1 or 2 stations in each town would devote 1 pump out of their 6 or 9 available to E-85. That would get the ball rolling....
  3. dsfloyd

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    come to california. the regular gas is at 10% ethanol still paying 3.35/gallon, while getting worse fuel economy, and not running as well. As well as causing the price of anything corn related to go way up. Also E85 is only cheaper because of government subsidies. so not only do I pay Thousands (yes thousands) of dollars a year in gas I get to pay for others gas as well. sounds great to me. Why do they need to badge vehicles as flex fuel engines when they stick all that ethanol in everyones engines.

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    Ok is E85 15% ethanol or 85%. that would answer my ethanol in non e-85 vehicles. the other points still stand
  4. ThatSilverStepside

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    e85 is 85% ethanol, here in KS most of the stations "contain up to 15% ethanol" for 2.93/gal. the closest e85 station 30 mins away, and I get around 7 mpg as it is so thats way out of the question. but if they start an e85 station here in town I will be switching either the truck or my alero over to e85. cuz who doesnt like cheap race fuel?
  5. Vincennes02261897

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    I have never seen a gas station that sells E85 fuel (and I'm always looking). Either it just is not very popular in Texas or it's pretty rare everywhere.
  6. donl

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    I never burn anything with ethanol in it with either of my vehicles. More government waste with all their subsidy crap.

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