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  1. Ridinonacloud

    Ridinonacloud Rockstar

    I'm looking at getting a Magnaflow Dual Exhaust Single in Dual Out...

    Does anyone have this and what are your thoughts on it?

    I'm looking for a nice low rumble while idling so that it's not too loud but when I go I want to be able to hear it. Is this the way to go or should I be looking into a different setup? Thanks peeps... :great:
  2. masterfoxscout

    masterfoxscout Rockstar ROTM Winner 100 Posts

    That up to you. I have the same truck as you and I have a 40 Series Flowmasters: single in dual out. It's loud when I get on the gas, but rumbles nicely at the idle. I've never had any experience with Magnaflow. I'm sure others on here have. I love my Flows though.
  3. mburn039

    mburn039 Rockstar

    I have seen tests for some of the most popular mufflers. The 40 series flowmaster has the most restriction out of the mufflers tested. The Dynomax bullet has the least restriction. I have heard this muffler on a 2000 Pontiac WS6 and it sounds really nice too.
  4. Ridinonacloud

    Ridinonacloud Rockstar

    Thank you fellas...
  5. SGT_Z85

    SGT_Z85 New Member

    I have the 1 in 2 out Magnaflows on my NBS 07 4.8 and it sounds really good. It has a nice low rumble at idle and gets louder when you get on it. My favorite thing about it is that on long trips it doesnt drive me nuts in the cab. It's definately not the loudest setup in the world, but if you want a nice sound and something that wont drive you crazy on the highway this one is pretty solid.

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