Early 90's VS. late 80's?

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    Just curious about some of the differences here. have seen a LOT of people praising the '90, & '91 models, & I've got an '88 that I'm absolutely in LOVE with. This is my first Suburban, don't really have any major gripes about it, it's all I could ever expect or hope for & then some for a 22 year old truck, just curious about what differences there may be that I'm missing out on.
  2. tbplus10

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    The biggest difference is the front grill, most of the truck is the same from early 80's to early 90's. There were a few changes over the years like going to the 700R4 trans from the Turbo 400's and Turbo350's, then the 700R4 was upgraded.
    The 305 engine was offered for a few years as a baseline engine with 350's as an option.
    But for the most part its the same truck.
    My preference is for the early 90's grill, locking hubs vs auto hubs, and manual transfer case vs the switch operated ones that snuck in at the end of the bodystyle production.
  3. Jacqson

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    Just cosmetic differences mostly, like the front grill, headlights and radio options. The 700R4 was discontinued in 1991 for the 4L60E and 4L80E depending on GVW.
  4. Chris Miller

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    Bit of trivia: 1989 was the last year you could get a 4-barrel carburetor with the 454, while the TBI was still an option starting in '87. On the 350, you were out of luck if you wanted a carburetor after '86.

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