EATON rear end?

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by TIG MAN, Jul 23, 2013.

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    I've acquired a '68 CHEVY C-20 step-side, with a 250 I-6, and an SM465 iron top. It's in need of E-Brake parts within the 3/4 ton brake hubs (full float axles)....which is when I started trying to find info from CHEVY about this rear end. It has a removable cover at the rear, and also a removable third member with a bolt-in pinion, ala FORD! WTH? My (shady) neighbor called it an EATON, but I haven't been able to find info or parts lists on the web, or GM. If anyone can help with info, or steer me to a website, my last two brain cells thank you.....they're really tired !
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    I have also heard them called an Eaton -"back in the day" GM sourced a lot of driveline parts from Eaton. I believe it is similar to the "modern" big 14 bolt unit. Don't quote me on that however, the only old "Eaton" unit I ever worked on, I just did a brake job and wheel bearings - and that's been a few years. As for brake parts, try LMC.

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    I just checked something else, a catalog from a co. iv'e bought a few diff. parts from. They list it - it's listed as a GM 12:25", HO72, 10.120" ring gear, used from 1960 - 72. The only diff. parts they listed (very little) were EXPENSIVE ! They don't sell brake parts.
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    They still do. Most, if not all, front (4x4) and rear truck axles are made by Eaton.

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