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    Remember when the Grand National was mfg, Im willing to bet that hp rating was so that owners could get them insured, insurance companies made their own rules at that time and didnt have much govt. oversight (even though we've been told thats changed now it still doesnt seem like it).
    Those cars also had a reputation for being tuned from the factory on the mild side and didnt take a lot of effort to increase the output. If you ever read the Grand Nat. history youll find that not all cars with that engine package were mfg as Grand Nationals, the eng could be ordered in any Buick Regal and the eng package was available as early as 1978. At one point in the mid 80's the FBI ordered 75 specially equipt GN's that were rumored to boast 370 hp and run up to 140+ mph. I wonder where those cars disapeared to.
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    The GN drag car the girl had was well warmed over (I know the engine, turbo, and trans had been worked)...complete with nitrous. I don't know if she ever told me what it dyno'd, but I do know it was fast. Speed and acceleration don't impress me often, but that car was just fun to ride in...between the sound of the V6 and the turbo whistle, it was very cool.
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    Anyone remember the factory claimed hp??
    It was kinda modest maybe 250 hp-which was very high for 1986 or so-(maybe only Corvettes claimed more)-and 350 trucks were maybe 175-200 hp -most V-6's were 150-180 hp.454's probably weren't more than 250 hp or so.
    Still by all accounts it ran harder that 250 hp should have.
    Camaro 350 was maybe 200 hp-just moved to TBI FI
    My memory is they were awfully fast for 250 hp-
    Probably as TB says factory under rated so a Buick Pa Pa car could sneak by the insurance companies.
    Buick has a history of making fast Grandpa cars
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    1982 GN was a 4.1 naturally aspirated that produced 125 hp or a 175 hp 3.8 w/turbo
    1983 they were called T Type and had 175 hp 3.8 turbo engines
    1984 GN was back and they were outfitted with 3.8 turbo that had 200 hp
    1985 had 3.8 Turbo with 200 hp
    1986 3.8 turbo with 215 hp
    1987 early model year versions wer 3.8 turbo with 245 hp
    Mid 1987 2 optional became available
    The WE4 lightweight turbo (Turbo T option) which produced 260 hp
    Or the GNX which was a GN converted to a GNX by McClaren.performance technologies, the engine was a 3.8 with a Garrett tech turbo using ceramic coated blades that produced 276 hp.
    The Buick Regal platform changed for 1988 and GM decided to discontinue the GN option.
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    All I remember about them was that they were supposedly quicker in the 0-60 area than a Corvette of the time. The Corvette was faster overall, but the GN was quicker...if that makes any sense.

    Didn't they also change how the HP was rated back then...from flywheel to BHP?
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    HorsePower ratings were changed from Flywheel to Rear wheel in 1972, This change was initiated by manufacturers to combat extremely high rates insurance companies were charging.
    The catalyst fo this change was Lincoln, their lineup at the time had no engines rated under 200 HP but all their vehicles were huge and required the hp to keep up with smaller lighter cars. In an unusual move The Association of North American Auto Manufacturers grouped together and pushed legislation to reign in the insurance companies.
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    ive been running a turbo on my silverado for awhile now. my last setup was on there for about 3 years and had a ton of miles and too many transmissions broken. if tuned right and you use quality oil they will last.

    i run Delo 400 15w40 and havnet had any issues. we use delo in all the turbo diesels on the farm and most have 4000+ hours run time.

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