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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Tdaz250, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Tdaz250

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    Has anyone on here done an efan swap? I have a 2000 silverado with the clutch fan, hate the sound and want to switch. Hoping someone could point me in the direction of what i need and a guide on how to do the swap.

    I know i need to get a tune to have the pcm turn the fans on and off when needed, ill need the harness. I'd like to do OEM, so does this mean LS1 fans?

    Im pretty much a noob at knowin what i'm going to need for the swap. I just want OEM efans. Hate the sound of the clutch fan and wouldnt mind the tiny hp's freed up and the noise gone + tiny mpg increase.
  2. TritonBoulder47

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    All the universal kits come with everything you need, even the temperature switches... I've never heard of a kit not comming with the proper parts you need... But you need to but a KIT, not just a replacement electric fan... You just have to decide if you're going to run a single fan, or a dual fan system...

    Another added bonus is you'll free up some rotational mass on the engine, thus helping it perform more efficiently and thus giving you an HP and MPG gain... It may not be noticable, but it's there...
  3. paulthomas2

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    Doing swap is not easy thing....if you are not sure about it just go to the dealer he will help you by guiding the right way.......
  4. unplugged

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    The factory fans will set you back a bucket o'green.

    If you are budget minded search the forums for the "taurus fan installation"

    Stay away from any fan kit that uses the radiator core for support. Use brackets to support the fan and a shroud to improve efficiency.
  5. JennaBear

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    The temperature switch operated kits are not as optimal as the OEM drive fans (ie. operated by the PCM).

    The PCM driven fans uses both AC pressure as well as temperature to maintain sufficient flow through both condenser and radiator. It also utilizes the vehicle speed variable as well, which shuts the fans off, at the point where vehicle speed can push more air through the radiator than the fans can by themselves. To go this route, you will need to figure out if you have the larger radiator (should be 38" from bolt to bolt on top) or the smaller one. If you have the larger radiator, I would suggest the OEM 05+ Tahoe e-fans, if you have the smaller one, the LS1 fans will do just fine. As you stated, you would need your PINs turned on in your PCM, and a plug-n-play harness (we sell them) to hook your fans up to your PCM.

    The temperature probe version of the fans takes the temperature from the radiator (in between the fins). It is temperature control only.

    EDIT: here is a pic of mine after install- pretty easy should only take 20 mins.

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  6. Tdaz250

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    Your response was helpful jenna :great: im betting im gonna need ls1 fans. I have a 2000 so im betting its not the 38 inch radiator. Also im not seeing the pic from the post :neutral:

    Where would be some good places to look for/get fans? Hopefully someone can find me an ebay link of something with legit oem/gm fans.
  7. danv

    danv New Member

    Just a quick note: That would be a 34" radiator, that is the larger one that the '05 and up will fit. I did the conversion in an '03 Avalanche. If you have a 34" radiator already I've the set I removed along with a Nelson Harness. You are correct you will need a tune for control. What you will also need is a larger Alternator, trust me on this. You are adding a pretty large load. The '05 up trucks went from the 105A to a 145A for that reason. I used a 130A out of a Tahoe and that seemed to work pretty well.

  8. JennaBear

    JennaBear Rockstar 100 Posts

    You can either go with a larger alternator, or an overdrive alternator pulley. Depends on what other things are drawing (ie. stereo, alarm).
  9. Stealth

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    how much does a egan draw? i would love to have one in my truck for more power in the winter, and well summer too

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