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Discussion in 'Detailing & Truck Care' started by donyms, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. donyms

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    Hello Guys and gals, I had my truck painted in December and now it is spring and I am getting bugs all over the front of my truck every time I leave the house. I failed to wax the hood good before spring and now I have several bugs splattered on my hood that won't come off. The guy that painted my truck said to bring it by and he would take them off with the buffer but I would like to do it myself if anyone can tell me how. I have waxed it now so the bugs don't stick but I still have those that wont come off on there. If you have experience with this I would greatly appreciate your help. :glasses:
  2. moogvo

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    There are a few brands of bug remover in the auto parts store. Just make sure it is safe for your paint!
  3. 07XCSB

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    I've been using this for awhile now. Its good stuff. Just dab it on the bug guts and wait about 10-15 mins and wipe off. It even takes pinesap off.
  4. aloxdaddy99

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    Do you buy it from their site or is it sold in stores?
  5. 07XCSB

    07XCSB Active Member 2 Years 1000 Posts

    I buy it from a friend that is a carshow vender of it. I've never seen it in stores around here, but that not saying much for the hole in the wall I live in.
    It is worth it , It not only remove the crap from the paint ,but the carnauba in it gives a great shine.
  6. chiefholdem

    chiefholdem Member

    Try dryer sheets, its worked for me in the past
  7. UpsetProps

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    I used WD-40 the other day and it works pretty well. Worked really well for asphalt / tar that had splattered up and stuck on.
  8. DIGS16

    DIGS16 Rockstar 100 Posts

    i was about to write a post about this very issue, i found this bottle from Turtle wax bug and tar remover... it work great , i had a big splatter of tar mix with some stick stuff and i sprayed some of this and 5 min later it wiped right off, super great and no elbow grease needed
  9. post3ll

    post3ll Member

    before all else i would try a rough sponge and water with soap. if you rub hard enough then most of the surface stuff should come off. Then try a nice carnauba wax over it. I am leery of using anything rough as it may dull the paint, no need to scuff up that shiny new paint job.
  10. treitz3

    treitz3 New Member

    Hello, donyms. WD-40 is all you need to get the job done and it will not harm anything. It also works great when combined with steel wool to restore a brushed metal tailpipe to new condition. I will also echo UpsetProps statement on post #7 of this thread.


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