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    More than likely, if you clicked on this link, then you are probably one of the folks that has been waiting for the release of this much anticipated EFILive Product!

    AutoCal shares many of FlashScan’s features including diagnostics, black box logging and tuning. AutoCal's primary purpose is to provide professional workshops with a cost effective way to service their remote customers’ data logging and tuning requirements.

    Being small and lightweight, it is cost effective for workshops to ship AutoCal to a remote customer instead of the customer shipping their vehicle's controller to the workshop.

    The AutoCal can be used to log data from the customer's vehicle. The logged data can be sent back to the workshop via email for analysis. Updates to the tune can be emailed to the customer and the customer's vehicle can be reprogrammed instantly.


    We are offering a discounted price for current BlackBear Performance customers as well as tune package deals for new customers. A trade in opportunity is also be available for folks to get a credit towards an AutoCal in exchange for their PCM/ECM/TCMs.

    If you would like to get more info the AutoCal list, please shoot an email to Autocal@blackbearperformance.com.

    If you are ready to order, please go to this link:

    Black Bear Performance AUTOCAL

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