EGR USA Project 2012 Silverado

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    Sweet. I am looking to do something similiar to my truck so please keep us posted on what you decide to go with. I am very uneducated about suspenions and would like to know how you remedy the problem as I too would like to use my truck after I lower it. So keep the mods and the updates coming.

    EGRUSA New Member

    We still want to use the truck to haul product when we go to shows, so we need the rear support. Airlift makes a sweet bolt on kit Im looking into.
    I dropped it off yesterday to get wrapped so we should see it in a week or so.

    EGRUSA New Member

    Another day Of running around for project Silverado.

    Decided to stop by and take peek at how the wrap is coming along.

    Matte White Looks So Fresh, I love it!

    On my way back to the office I got a call from our friends at Lexani that the wheels were drilled and ready to pick up.

    Off to Corona I go.

    24x10 Lexani R6 (black/machined)


    Man, now I'm starting to get jealous. I'm looking to grab a pair of the Black and Chrome Johnson Lexani rims myself. Same size too. Can't wait to see them on the truck. Can you get me a deal at Lexani?
  5. Jaele

    Jaele Member

    Well if you need another truck to play with I own a 2011 z71 crew cab that you can borrow for a bit.

  6. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Moderator

    Look'in good......:great:

    EGRUSA New Member

    Ha Ha! Thanks you and the 30 other employees here that have already volunteered their vehicle.
  8. rileyjr16

    rileyjr16 New Member

    Cannot wait to see the finished product. Lookin good should look even sweeter with those wheels on it.

    If y'all wanna do a build on a NBS truck, I'll volunteer mine in a heartbeat

    EGRUSA New Member

    The Gloss Black/ Machined Finish on the Lexani's was not going to match the Matte White.
    So off the powdercoaters they went yesterday. 24 Hours later I had this!
    The Matte Black Finish is 100% better over the old color combo!

    While I was there I gave the T-Rex X-metal grille a Matte Black touch as well!


    Very nice, but I really want to see them on the truck. I especially like the grill selection. Think it's going to look killer.
  11. EGRUSA

    EGRUSA New Member

    Project Silverado just got delivered from the vinyl guy this morning.
    Matte White/ Matte Black Combo looks great.

    Time to get the grille, lights, fender flares, bed rail cap, window visors and hood shield installed today!

    All I need now are tires....
    Sorry for the mobile phone pic.


    Good that means we get pics by the end of the day. Come on Ben no holding out.
  13. EGRUSA

    EGRUSA New Member

    So the poor guys had to work in the 100+ heat on Friday but they got a few things installed.
    T-Rex Upper Class Series Mesh Grille (powder-coated matte black)
    Spyder Auto CCFL Projector Headlights
    EGR Hood Shield Wrapped in matching matte black 3M Vinyl.

  14. EGRUSA

    EGRUSA New Member

    Off to get the Wheels and Tires Mounted.


    Nice. I'm liking the headlights and the hood shield wrapped in the matte black vinyl. Now we need lots pics from different angles of those wheels on there. Any word on the helper bags. I still think you should have went with a 4/6 drop on it. It still is a little low in the back but I guess it's got that Cali lean on it. How does it ride compared to factory?
  16. EGRUSA

    EGRUSA New Member

    Took Project Silverado into the photo studio for some proper pics. High Res Coming Up!
  17. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Moderator

    Take any Color shots??? :lol: Looks good...
  18. EGRUSA

    EGRUSA New Member

    Yeah its a bit two tone, the boss man wanted the color combo.
    Still waiting on my art dept to clean up the studio shots
  19. UpsetProps

    UpsetProps New Member

    Looks sick.
  20. wicoloradoz71

    wicoloradoz71 New Member

    looks good, i like it

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