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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by ct9a, Jun 22, 2008.

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    I have a 94 'burb with the belt driven fan and was looking into swapping it out for an electric fan setup from Flex-A-Lite. Problem, is, I can't find a dealer that sells part #280 that Flex-A-Lite says is for my application. Anyone have a good source? Anyone know how difficult of a swap this would be?
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    Heres Flex a Lites Part locator web page that'll find a local dealer by using your zip code, and the following companies sell Flex a Lite parts through their web sites (sites not included) or over the phone.

    Automotive Engineering

    Barnett Performance

    Baxter Auto parts

    Holcomb Motorsports
    800 475-7223


    JEGS High Performance

    Pace Performance


    Pat Austin’s Promax
    800- 877-9472

    Performance Parts

    Seco Performance Center

    Stylin’ Concepts

    Tognotti’s Auto World

    Summit Racing

    Murray’s Speed & Custom

    The swap isnt that hard providing the fan fasteners arent siezed. Wiring is straight forward with good instructions, should take a couple hours at most.
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    why waste all that mony on a flex o junk fan? ( i never had good luck wit them) got the junk yard and get a fan from a ford Tarus 3.8 car ot Tbird. these have a high and a low speed and sell for $15 then get a electric fan install kit $15 and a constant duty relay $10-$30 depending on where you go. i installed one of these in many different cars, trucks and my motorhome (502 Big Block).
    this is a 15-30 min install and well worth the swap..........mike

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