Electric Vehicle Charging Station at a Walgreens! eVgo Freedom Station

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by ChevyFan, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. ChevyFan

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    Ok, this was a first for me. Right into the corner of a Walgreens parking lot in Mansfield, Texas will soon be an operational electric vehicle charging station. Wonder what type of juice this thing will kick out, 440 maybe? Get you charged up after just sitting there for what, an hour? If anyone has any facts and figures on this, let me know as I'd love to get the low-down.

    eVgo Freedom Station is what they call it.

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  2. ahmitchell1

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    The Walmart by my parents house used to have recharging station as the first like 4 spots on every row. They were never used and everyone hated them wasting spots. True electric cars are a few years off , the volts the only way to go for realistic Dailey driving. Plus those batteries are worse on the environment than our truck are at the end of the day
  3. dipstick

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    .They probably are 240 and 440 440 takes 30 minutes to charge costs more .
    Would not be much cheaper than gas if charge with 440. 240 takes 4 hours cost 2 cents per mile .
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  4. PantheraUncia

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    I work in downtown Raleigh and park in a parking deck owned by Progress/Duke Engergy and they have had a few of these in the parking deck for about 2 years now. If they are designed for quick charging, I would assume 440, but the Energy company mafia does not have to technically pay for their power, they just bill themselves back and write it off.
  5. ChevyFan

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    I just chatted with the people from NRG eVgo yesterday at the Dallas Auto show and I was surprised that I remembered posting about it way back in 2012. Anyhow, they claim that in about 30 minutes (on the Nissan Leaf) they can get a 70% charge (I hope I got that right) with the eVgo quick charging station and their studies show that quick charging like this does not reduce overall battery life.

    Huh, I'm interested in everything automotive so I find this stuff to be fascinating. I really didn't think they could do a quick charge to get up to 70% that quickly, and if they did I was sure that continually doing that would reduce the battery life considerably.
  6. McClintoc

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    [MENTION=46008]Steve T[/MENTION]he Twin Peaks in Lewisville has had an electric charging station right by the front door for about 2 years now. I saw it a little over a year ago. That was my first sighting of one. But haven't seen one since. :p

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