Electrical Ghost need help!

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by jrstroh_96, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. jrstroh_96

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    Ok i have a 04 silverado crew cab Z71 5.3 liter 4l60e. Ok 2 months after i bought ths truck last summer i had the evap trouble code come up, fixed that.Then i went home to kentucky for thanksgiving, i hit a water puddle and service light came on again. I had autozone run it again and it was the same code and then the knock senso. I said hell with it didnt have the money. Back in sept or oct i got a flowmaster delta series cat-back . I started noticing it sounded like i was in the wrong gear going up hill , like if i had a stick. Well a guy on here said to get a trango tranny kit. I was about to until yesterday i did some more goggling and found a guy that had similiar problom in a 98 s10 with same tranny. He got some help and it ended up being the tps. A couple days ago the cigarette lighter went out. So I went yesterday to the local autozone here in louisiana to make sure would codes i had on there and pick up i know a dealer only tps. Well the cigarette fuse is blown under the hood. I tried replacing it and keep blowing fuses. Oh how i hate computer's! Well tonight coming home this ghost hits me again, the lovely 4wd service comes across the idiot screen. i stop shut it off and like normal it's gone. Well now it's getting to about 1900 rpm's and drop's to 300 does it 3 times and its done til i stop again. I stop at gas station, and leave the 4wd service light is back and the weird rev is gone.I get home and had to try pulling battery cables off to maybe reset computer and put in a ne fuse. Connected them with a big spark from the hot side of battery and the fuse i just put in popped again. Has anyone any clue tommorrow i'm going to pick up another manual and see what else is on the cigarette fuse. Or should i just take it out back and bun it. thanks all
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    Sounds like you might need an EXORCIST!
  3. jrstroh_96

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    Ok done some searching on this still and other's. there's nothing in lighter socket's or odo2 connection. Also see something about seo fuse and those fuse's good. I have no clue where to go to now.
  4. jrstroh_96

    jrstroh_96 New Member

    Ok got a lilpissed off and ripped cigarette lighter out. without pulling dash off no engine light is off. ill give update on tps sensor and the weird rev ghost.

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