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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by rmodel65, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. rmodel65

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    my brothers 88 silverado 350 with aod tranny is having a electrical gremlin attack. i have been unable to duplicate his complaint about the entire system surging and sometimes making the truck stall. is there anything common to look for?? a few days ago he had something in the fuse box get hot he said, so im assuming a circuit breaker got hot and opened and thats what caused his problem. i had a MC wreck a while back so i can do much laying under his dash etc
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    The truck would not have an AOD...that's a Ford transmission. However, it could have a TH700R4, 4L60E, or, it's a 3/4ton (probably not since you said it has a 350) it could have a 4L80E. The main difference between the 700R4 and the 4L60E is one is computer controlled, the other is TV cable controlled. An improperly adjusted TV cable could cause shifts to occur in the wrong spots and possibly bucking and surging. There is a procedure to readjust this cable that is crucial that you complete correctly to ensure the transmission does not meet an early death. For a 4L60E, the computer controls all the shifts, and I'm not quite sure how the shifts are controlled. Hope this helps.
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    The 88 would have a 700R4. The only electronics it has is 1 - 12V feed from the brake switch to the lock up solenoid inside the trans.
    What transmission problem is he having?
  4. rmodel65

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    sorry for the terminology :p just using AOD as over drive :p the electrical problem is effecting a lot of different systems he said his windows stopped working so i assume where ever the problem is will probably be on this circuit but basically the lights will dim and nearly kill the truck and sometimes making it completely stall
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    damn electrics

    definently something pulling hard on this circuit to make it go into a stall. pull out the schematics and start isolating components on the harness at there respected terminals. process of illimination look at any aftermarket installs added to circuit and wiring close to exahust or possible pinch points , expossed terminals or like me a damn squrrel nest above my gas tank was the culprit long and tedious but i found alot of other potential problems that i corrected in doing it this way good luck and ya the squirrels are homeless and the hunt is on

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