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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by Z71xWytout, May 24, 2012.

  1. Z71xWytout

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    Well first off i have a 1994 K1500 with 5.7L
    I had all my freeze plugs replaced after it sitting for a year with no anti freeze. When i had my buddy replace the plugs, it has been idling funny. It will surge and my emergency brake light flashes at me and it is in sync with the surge. When i looked under the hood, i noticed that my battery NEG cable was connected to an intake bolt. Now i dont remember seeing it there before. I dont know where to put the cable too. And further more when i put my blinker on it uses a whole amp to use. I think i have a faulty ground somewhere.

    Now there is alot of stuff here. I dont know if its all a different issue. Or i just dont have a good enough ground. Either way can someone just point me into the right direction.

  2. zigger215

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    Is it possible for you to post a picture? I think I have your fix I just don't want to put it on here without getting some confirmation of my suspicion. I need a pic of the negative connected to the battery and then where it is connected to your intake.
  3. Z71xWytout

    Z71xWytout New Member

    100_1692.jpg 100_1693.jpg 100_1694.jpg
    Here it is.

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