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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by odb138, Mar 2, 2008.

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    My electrical system on this truck is going to pot. Or so it seems, but I reckon there must be a solution. Everything started to go downhill when I short-circuited my plow controls and it melted the + terminal post out of my battery. I got a new battery but things started going wrong.

    1. Temperature Gauge on instrument cluster no workey(sensor is ok)
    2. Blower motor for heater can't operate above lowest speed or it shorts out
    3. Headlights are super dim, and more so when the courtesy lamp is on
    4. 4wd won't engage, and lights get really dim when I drop the T-Case into 4x4
    5. Brights Indicator comes on at the wrong times
    6. Hazards don't work right and turn signal indicators on instrument cluster come on when they shouldn't

    Usually if I'm only running the lights its ok. Heater kills it or dims it. 4wd always kills it except for the occasional time when it actually engages.

    One time the headlights stayed on even with the switch turned off and drained my battery. I put a trickle-charger on overnight. when I started the truck is when some of these symptoms started to express themselves. does any of this information stand out as a probable cause for these issues? could it be a problem with the alternator or a ground cable somewhere? The cigarette lighter always works, and the transmission shifts well. the radio also always works
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    Check all the body and chassis grounds, sounds like you fried a few of them. May be inside the cables/wires or it may be right at the connection point.
    I've done the same thing before with a winch and got the same symptoms.

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