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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by nitz0422, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. nitz0422

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    Sorry if I posted this in wrong spot. I have an 08' silverado. My service tire monitor system light has been coming off and on while driving. Then the last couple of days it comes on with the service airbag light and then all my gauges drop to zero. The gauges go back to normal after a couple of seconds. The airbag light goes off a little bit later and then the tire monitor light. There is no change in driving performance when this happens. I'm not sure if it is related but my stereo also quit working before all this started. I would appreciate any help.
  2. vncj96

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    you have a warranty? if so use it! even my dads 07 has had some issues and even though it was past warranty the dealership still did it as warranty work s they want to keep him as a customer. Just go back to the dealership, its worth trying to finagle something even if you dont have warranty left.
  3. sstoner911

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    If your like me my 08 is out of warranty also. Is this the stock or aftermarket head unit? I have seen this behavior in my truck when I had the alarm installed....they had something grounded or tapped into something incorrectly. Have you installed anything lately?

    You could try removing the head unit and see if the issues go away.
  4. SurrealOne

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    It could also be a bad TPMS sensor. The do go bad...
  5. sstoner911

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    True but when they go bad you only get the "service tire monitor system" light. He has a bad ground somewhere with all the crazy gauge activity.

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