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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by Marineredn, Aug 9, 2012.

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    OK back again with yet another problem with my 03 Silverado. At first my heated seats stopped working, only on the driver side. If I turn them on they will stay of a for a second or 2 then click off, but only the driver side the passenger works fine, but if I turn on the drivers side when the pass. are on it will click both off. I have tried holding the driver side button and then still click off. Now when I turn my turn signal on left sometimes both lights on the dash will go off like I turned the hazards on instead, flip them left it works fine, go back to right, Hazards..... I know the dashes in these trucks had issues so could this be the cause?
    On a side note maybe that why my low oil pressure alarms keeps going off. I replaced the sensor and left it running in the Oreily parking lot when the alarms was going off, got the OBD2 computer and tested it and it wasn't throwing a code.

    Any ideas here folks? I losing my mind with this truck and all of its plastic parts all falling off and breaking on me.
    Thanks Cameron

    03 2500HD LT
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    Mine has been driving me nuts too!!!
  3. Marineredn

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    Can anyone tell me what is going wrong with my truck? seems to me like they are all connected to an electrical problem.

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