Electronic brake control module

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by chick, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. chick

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    I have a 2003 2500HD. ABS and BRAKE light on on. When truck moves, the BRAKE light begins to slowly flash and I get an audible alarm. The code scanner says Electronic Brake Control Module malfunction. Where is it located? Can it be tested? How much do they cost? Comments?

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    Here is a diagram, the Electronic Brake-n-Control Module is number #4 in the diagram, and its located on the inside of the fame rail, on the Driver-Side,

    As far as having it Tested, Good Question??.....it may need to be Replaced, and they do Cost a Few Bucks!!
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  3. pmf608

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    To add to what Mike said, the EBCM can be repaired in some cases - there are people online who you can send it out to and if it is a certain problem they can fix it and send it back. The EBCM on my Silverado had been not working for years but I never replaced it because the dealer wanted something like $900 plus labour to fix it and the 99-02 trucks had so many other problems with ABS activation without wheel lock in areas like mine that use lots of salt in the winter that I preferred to not have it work at all than to have it cause me to not stop and hit somebody else.

    There is also a service bulletin out by GM that suggests removing, cleaning and reinstalling the ground strap on the frame just ahead of the EBCM. Sometimes if that ground isn't contacting properly, it can cause the EBCM to not work properly.

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    Thanks Peter, for the added Information on the EBCM......as I was not sure if they could be repaired or not.
  5. thecidd

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    Raise the dead! I'm now having this problem too. I found this video on YouTube but before I go tearing into it, I'm going to check all the wiring that goes to it first.

  6. lashley

    lashley New Member

    thecidd;thank you for showing me how to fix my ebcm. I have had several so called mechanics tell me what the problem was, and none of them were right. I watched your video this morning and went out and repaired my truck. It's nice when someone tells you how to fix something and its spot on. many thanks to you.

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