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  1. elee33

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    actually the truck is white i just tossed an internet photo up for the meantime, the plans are:

    kenwood bt948hd head unit (too much work for me to be worth it to toss in a dd)
    memphis reference 10" shallow mount subwoofer in a custom under console box (min .35 mounting space which is perfect)
    kenwood 600W amp, already have out of my previous vehicle
    jl vr series front 6.5" speakers, already have out of my previous vehicle.
    not sure on rear speakers yet

    leveling kit
    replica 20" chevy wheels http://www.usarim.com/chevy-replica-wheels-sku-065-20-inch-chrome-rims-p-1678.html
    33" tires (probably an a/t since i wont off road often if ever)
    depo projector head lights
    clear bumper lights
    hd towing mirrors, colour matched
    03+ silverado tail lights
    windshield brow tint

    Those are the plans however since i am a student and cash is tight it will take me quite a while
  2. AMac

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    Well it sounds like you are definitely into upgrading the audio which is cool. Whether it's country, rock, hip-hop, pop, dance (like them all...hehe) I do notice some mild rattling when I turn up the music in my silverado. I wouldn't mind upgrading my sound system. I need to look to see if the forum has a thread on the install of the iPod integration kit for the Silverado. I was driving around tonight and trying to change songs on my ipod and thought it would be easier if I could use the pre-existing steering wheel controls.
    You mentioned HD towing mirrors, do you have a 1500, 2500, or 3500? I bought a Pro-Comp leveling kit for my 09 Sierra and never installed it, too bad it wouldn't fit in your vehicle I could have sold it to you :)
    I look forward to some pics of the truck!
    Only downfall to electronic upgrades, from what I've read, is that it will mildly reduce your MPG because of the increased use of the alternator.
  3. elee33

    elee33 New Member

    i have a 1500 and i really wish your leveling kit would have fit, yeah i find jl really good for what your looking for, the speakers they produce run at lower rms than most and are super clear. The only problem i find with them is that you need a higher powered speaker in the rear in order to compensate for loudness however as far as clarity goes jl ftw. The issue you brought up with the mpg issue, can be resolved, however many people are skeptics, on the big three mod, by replacing the wiring to the alternator, and starter as well as ground from the battery it allows better flow of power, reducing the strain on your alternator.

    Good luck with your ipod integration kit, steering wheel controls would definitely be more convenient


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    oh and im a country boy music wise
  4. AMac

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    Hehe...well there is nothing like a good 'ole country song when cruzin down the road. Heck that's half the reason why I went back to a truck :) Shamefull to say I traded in my Sierra for a little Audi A3...42 MPG...and stereo system was decent but you know your a redneck when your driving an Audi and blasting Garth Brooks.
    I like your suggestion about the alternator mods...I'm not that much of a electronics mechanic or mechanic at that. I can put mine own accessories on like headlights and tail lights but hopefully joining this thread will increase my knowledge of "how to".
  5. elee33

    elee33 New Member

    i know there is a how to, on here that would be able to help you out with that or on gm full size forum there is also good information

    Ill post up pictures of the truck asap
  6. Coach24

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    Welcome to the Club
  7. SurrealOne

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    Welcome elee33. :)
  8. elee33

    elee33 New Member

    al and erics trucks.jpg

    Mine is the front one but 20" boss motorsports 313's will be back on when summer comes back around
  9. mfleetwood

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    Nice lookin' ride. Great color scheme (on both trucks) :glasses:

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