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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by Higgie, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Higgie

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    Hi there,

    I found several entries about encode motor/sensor issues but just for verification:

    Is there any way to replace the encoder motor on a 2004 Suburban 1500 without
    loosening the U-joint bolts of the front wheel drive shaft and get that out of the way ????

  2. Higgie

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    More Info

    maybe it helps if I explain the reason for my question ?

    I had the encoder motor replaced 4 weeks ago after sensor replacement and new switch didn't help to get rid of the sporadic "Service 4WD" message. (600 bucks)

    Last week while driving, the car started to smoke and low oil pressure came on. Oil puddles formed under the car, even the tailgate was oil smeared. Had the car towed to a Chevy shop near the breakdown. (middle of the night of course). Next morning I was told a bolt of the front U-joint had come loose and punched the oil filter. All in all 200 bucks.

    I wanted at least the 200 from shop one, but their tech claims he never touched the bolts.

    From what I learned here I think that this is either a lie or they have not exchanged the encode motor ?

    I spoke to another tech from another shop who said you have to be a magician to get the encoder motor out without getting the drive shaft out of the way.

    Next week I have a meeting with shop one, so any input would be appreciated.

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