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    So my truck is roughly nine monthes old and I would like to keep the engine bay as clean as the outside. It's not real dirty or cover in grease but there is alot of dust. My question is what products are best for under the hood cleaning. Don't think I need a degreaser like I've heard people suggest and don't really think I need to spray the engine down. Just something I could use to do a hand cleaning. Unless someone has a suggesting requiring a spray down and a little heads up on the do's and don'ts please. I've never owned something I wanted to keep clean under the hood. Thanks for the feed back.:neutral:
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    There is a Great product call P-21 Motorcycle cleaner.. Works great.. Or some simple Green and a paint brush
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    I like using flat stove top cleaner. Spray it on and pressure wash it off
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    With my 02 it was just dust like you have. I just hit it quickly at the pressure washer. The detail shop that my buddy ran used to rinse them with water then spray everything plastic, rubber or black with armor all. I have also seen guys use tire foam. I don't know if I would try that one.

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