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    Good Morning Everyone, I have a project truck `96 chevy 2500, 5 liter ,which I just got running<I bought it as a basket with a burnt out 4l60e ,bad exaust ,rad , master cylinder, brakes,starter,alt,battery,ujoints,plugs and wires ,cap , rotor ,all hoses and belts ,everything has been replaced, Now is it common for the timing chain to have 10-15 degrees play? had to put 3 months insurance on it because of engine light in dash board and they wont even take it in (goverment air-care testing) ,need to fix this so I can go back on monthly payment plan for insurance purposes. Any one know or do I just replace timing chain..moved dist. 3 teeth and still the same , no missing cylinders , (seems that the computer resets to default sometimes when starting, too far advanced)most of the time it starts normally , but engine dash light won`t go out
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