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    Hey guys, im looking into getting a bullydog watchdog monitor or an edge cs monitor for my truck, since its memorial weekend alot of awesome discounts can be applied... but im just wondering what parameters my truck is actually capable of displaying...
    does anyone know what 99-02 silverado computers can display??? i know basically everything on our dash can be redisplayed on the monitor and the transmission temp. can be too... but what else?

    this is for the watchdog, but i would assume near the same parameter choices for the edge...

    Choose from more than fifteen parameters to monitor. Note: Not all of the following are available for all applications.

    • Engine load - no load = 0 percent; maximum load capacity = 100 percent
    • Coolant temperature
    • Fuel rail pressure (for diesel engines only)
    • Turbo boost pressure (pressure generated by the turbocharger) - monitored for safety
    • Engine RPM
    • Speed (mph or kph)
    • Ignition timing (gas engines) or injection timing (diesel engines)
    • Intake temperature - at point where OEM sensor is installed within air intake stream
    • Mass airflow (grams/second) - amount of air entering air intake stream
    • Throttle position - idle position = 0 percent; full throttle = 100 percent
    • Fuel level
    • Battery voltage
    • Barometric pressure
    • Real-time fuel economy
    • Average fuel economy
    • Trip fuel economy

    • the stuff in bold obviously will show, but what other options on 99-02 trucks would display

    Im trying to decide if its worth $200.00 to get one of these to monitor extra things, but if it gives me nothing more than my dash than obviously its worthless...
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    might have answered my own question.....

    according to:

    this is what is available to monitor on 1999-2006 silverados.

    for the edge insight CS...

    Chevrolet 1999-2006 Gas
    Abs Throttle Position, Air Fuel Ratio, Barometric Pressure, Battery Voltage, Desired Idle RPM, Engine Coolant Temp, Engine Load, Engine RPM, Fuel Level, Gear with TCL, Intake Air Temp, Loop Status, Manifold Abs Pressure, Mass Air Flow, Mileage Coach, MPG Instant, MPG Average, Oil Life Remaining, Output Shaft Speed, Power Enrichment, Spark Timing, Time 0-60, Time 1/4 mile, Trans Temp, Vehicle Speed

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