Engine Oil Cooler 08 5.3L Silverado

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    To start, I am talking about enigne oil not transmission oil, I already have an oversized Tranny cooler. I know I have the block off plate and i do not have lines running thru the radiator for the engine oil, I would like to put in an external tube fin style oil cooler for the engine oil. I live in AZ and the engine oil gets pretty warm running up hills pulling my camper or boat, I have the edge chip which displays the temps so i know when i need to slow down. I have flushed and put in nice coolant from gm with a booster from amsoil, and have synthetic heavy duty transmission oil and rear end oil, the truck tows like a dream for a half ton, if i can keep the engine oil temps down it would be all set. No i do not run the oil too hot to damage anything. I want a replacement for the block off above the oil filter to run oil to a cooler and back in from there. I am having trouble finding this. I don't really want the hoses that lead up to the radiator, since i am doing an external. Thanks for all the help in advance everyone!
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    Summit and the like have kits where you buy the oil filter adapter and it plumbs into that. I'm not familar with the plate your talking about but if there are ports already on the block you should be able to plumb one up pretty easy. The only thing I would worry about is the use of rubber lines because if there is a leak or they blow off you engine is toast unlike the trans where the cooler circuit just dumps back into the pan.
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    I bought this from Summit Racing, It is a 40k cooler with a 2,200 cfm electric fan combo. $99.00. I used the AN braided lines, and AN -6 fittings also from Summit Racing. I almost lost my transmission last year due to rubber hoses, so I was not going to make that mistake again. This cooler can be used for transmission, oil, power steering fluid or whatever you want. I also added an adjustable thermostat to it, which I can control the temperature of what the fan turns on and off. I also wired it to a 50 amp relay for safety, I have mine mounted under the bed. This will also keep you from cluttering up your radiator even more.

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    The '08 trucks with the heavy duty trailer towing package have an engine oil cooler. There is an oil cooler built into the radiator (just like the tranny cooler, but on the other side of the rad) and, an external cooler mounted in front of the rad. The ports for the lines between the block and the rad must be on the engine.
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