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  1. Graytop

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    I am replacing the engine oil cooler lines on a 99 GMC Sierra K2500 with a 6.0 Vortec engine. The replacements that are offered by NAPA and Oreilley are about a foot longer, both lines, than the original on the end that connects to the radiator (the aluminum tubing section). The end with the block seems to be compatible, but not identical to the original.
    Is it possible to install this longer version of the oil cooler lines without modification? Is there a replacement identical to the original available? Help and suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. retired

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    Don't know? how much more are they at the dealer.
  3. Graytop

    Graytop New Member

    I have 2 quotes on the lines (parts only). One is for $123, the other is $144 and they would take at least a week to get them.
  4. JMoney02

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    Usually/rarely do they stock them, hence the week wait, coming from factory. Sometimes with items of this nature for the liitle more of the cost are better bought at the dealer as they are OEM replacemnet, not variety replacement. Do you have the lines out already? If so, is this your daily driver or can it wait for the dealer to get the lines?

  5. Graytop

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    I learned that the GM replacement lines requires changing the fan shroud and drilling holes for my model truck. Being impatient and thrifty, I decided to make modifications to the parts store lines. The result is satisfactory, in my opinion. I posted the method I used on the write-ups on this web site. Thanks for your replys.

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