Engine Oil Drain Valves Now Available

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    1st-SYNTHETICS is now selling Fumoto oil drain valves.

    I am getting my initial order together right now please let me know if you are interested in ordering. FREE SHIPPING, when paid in advance via PayPal. If ordered with AMSOIL oil change I will give you a special GMTC discount on the oil and filter.

    All valves run$29.95 and $33.95 for the N-Style with the nipple to accept a drain hose. Some vehicles require a thread adapter that costs $6.00.


    Introducing the best way to change oil, the Engine Oil Drain Valve. Install this valve and you can drain your engine oil without tools and without mess. Just lift the lever of this solid brass ball valve and give it a quarter turn to open it. Return the lever to its original position and it locks closed, double sealed to prevent leakage. The Engine Oil Drain Valve is made of corrosion resistant forged brass and stainless steel. The ball valve design provides a straight flow for efficient drainage and a perfect seal when closed. Frozen drain plug and stripped threads are eliminated forever. Drawing samples for oil analysis is as easy as one-two-three. Sizes to fit all cars, light trucks vans heavy-duty trucks and buses. Also fits RVs, marine engines and industrial equipment. (N-Series Valve(w/Nipple)).

    N-Series Valve:The Engine Oil Drain Valve is also available with "Nipple" to accept hose. It makes oil changing easy for industrial engines, boat engine and other hard-to-reach applications.

    The Engine Oil Drain Valve has been tested and granted "Genuine Parts" status by 6 major motor vehicle manufacturers in Japan, including Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Isuzu. These approvals were not granted easily and gaining them was a testimony to the quality and durability of Engine Oil Drain Valve. In the United States, the Engine Oil Drain Valve is being installed at the factory level on some of the vehicles/equipment made by Ford, Kohler, Freightliner, Caterpillar, JLG, GEHL, Ingersoll-Rand, Sullair, Toyota, Case, Magnetek, Timberjack, Lincoln Electric, Vermeer, Baldor, Terex, Deutz, Phaser Marine Generator and etc.


    1. Remove original drain plug and drain oil into acceptable receptacle.
    2. Insert Engine Oil Drain Valve with gasket* and tighten. Do not over tighten. (Some oil pans are designed with recessed drain hole which may prevent the valve from being installed properly. If the valve can not be tightened all the way without hitting the oil pan wall, do not install the Drain Valve to your vehicle. Adaptors are available for some models)
    3. Make sure valve is closed and refill crankcase.

      *Some valves (i.e. T-200, T201, T-202, F-110) do not require gasket as they are self-tightening tapered threads.

    For users under extreme conditions:
    If you are using the Engine Oil Drain Valve on off-road vehicles such as farm tractors and logging equipment under extreme environment (i.e. corn fields, brush areas), it is recommended that a hose clip as shown below be used for extra safety and security. The hose clip, which can be purchased at any hardware stores, will firmly keep the lever in the locked position at all times.
    Drain Valve Size Hose Clip Size T, FG Series 11/16" Clip F Series 5/8" Clip
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    ooooo..i like. might have to pick me up one of these on payday.
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    I am getting 1 for my truck I know.
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    Anyone else want one?
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    Fumoto Quick Drain Valve May Special!

    For the Month of May buy a Fumoto Drain Valve with the nipple ($26.95) for your Truck and for $1.00 more I will throw in a safety clip and a 2' section of clear tubing. Includes shipping to your door (lower 48 USA). All others please call or pm for a shipping quote.


    27.95 gets you the whole package shipped to your door. I will combine multiple valves up to 3 in the same package for free shipping.

    Some gassers ('99-on 4.3L,4.8L,5.3L,5.7L,6.0L) take an adapter due to a recess in the pan around the drain plug. The extension adapter is $6.00.

    Shipping is free to the 48 continental states Canada, Hawaii and others will need to be quoted.


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