Engine problems and decisions on where to go

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by tbplus10, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. phoebeisis

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    Yes I get that!
    At one time I had 4 Yamaha SR500's(1978,1979 1980 1981)- kickstart Yamaha 500 cc singles.
    Needless to say my wife didn't exactly understand having 4 bikes-almost EXACTLY the same(the 78,79 were all disc 80,81 had drum rear- but to a "normal" person they were the same bike-just different colored. Over the years I owned 11 different SR500's-owned 3 of them more than ONCE!
    Oh well! I think the Suburban is in just my name- but wife loves to road trip in it-so no risk there-the Prius is in both names-good car but not really lovable-no Toyotas are lovable -yeah better keep an eye on the Harleys-heck maybe fix up the newest edition and make a few $$ off it-folks still love Harleys-economy is supposed to be improving so maybe in 6-8 months you can make really decent $$ off it??
  2. tbplus10

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    The only reason I bought the new one was to turn it over, I just dont want her getting antsy and giving it away while I can still turn a decent profit by waiting a little longer.
    I paid $1300 for it and have another $600 in parts to get it running and looking good, so without including my time I'm at $1900, private owner sale on it right now is at $4200, I think if I wait until summer I could pull another couple hundred above that.
  3. Coach24

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    Dang still need that phone number to the wifey. I bet I can sell her on my garage cleaning skills
  4. phoebeisis

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    The "jobs report" is better, so yeah this summer you might get $5000
    Haven't notice our local economy being much better- but that is the claim
  5. Coach24

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    LOL Ya gotta love a woman who cleans the garage for her husband.
    My EX cleaned out my promotional closet, you know the closet where I stoed all my promotional sales stuf. Lik clock radios , knife sets , Tv's 5 cell flash lights.
    Yup well I returned home from a sales trip and went to get some items to restock my truck for next sales trip. And low and behod the closet was empty. I asked where it all went and nobody knew a dang thing. as time passed I stopped by her work and saw 3 clock radios in diffeent offices and the lunch room had a tv. Then some employees came and thanked me for their gifts. I point bank said they were not gifts and that my wife had stolen them from my closet and basically from my customers. they were all shocked and boy did she get mad. I told her I would start giving away her possesions and see how she liked it. Worst part is she lied to me. Marriage Over!
    So I know how it feels and yes she sold 2 cars and spent the money , on what I have no idea.

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