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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by 1990burb, May 11, 2010.

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    hi my names matt im new to this site and have a quick question i have a 1990 suburban 1500 350ci tbi i bought it about 5 months ago and its been sitting im finally getting time for it and went to change the oil i got the 5 qts of oil recomended for it and the oil filter(ph3980) which is a fram the book says and the local parts store says is needed and when i went to take my old one off and noticed a big size diff so i called the parts store back and game them the part number off the old filter and it was the oil filter that goes on the 454(7.4l) so i went and got the new fram filter(ph5) and it worked fine but now it takes 6 qts of oi.l is it possible that someone swapped the oil filter housing out to a bigger one and why if possible would they do this or idid someone swap the motor for a 454 and how do i tell
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    Anything is possible but my 91 does use a PH5 filter and holds 6 QTS. you should be able to tell by the trans. i believe you should have a 700r trans. to tell look at the number of bolts and for the cover. if you do have a 700r i would bet solid money that you have a 5.7L 350. The 454's did not come with the 700r trans.



    here are a couple of attachments that may help you.

    Good luck

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