Engine replacement for 99 K1500

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by icoad, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. icoad

    icoad New Member

    Hi to all you gurus of the Suburban!!!! I need your help.:sign0011:

    I have a '99 4wd 1500 Suburban which I love. Just dropped almost $10k into at beginning of year to put a 10" Full Throttle lift kit on it with 37" tires on 20" rims - looks awesome.:happy:

    Problem is, it doesn't run awesome - in fact, right now, it doesn't run - period.:shocked:

    Was driving home from work last week, heard a horrible knocking noise, pulled off the freeway and the engine seized.:grrrrrr:

    This is where the gurus help is needed. I can replace the engine for the cost of feeding my (very capable) neighbours beer and pizza, plus of course the engine.

    Question is - can I upgrade from my current 350 to the bigger beefier 454? If I do upgrade then I will, of course, also upgrade to the 4L80E transmission, but what else do I need to change? Do I have to relocate engine mounts? Do I have to replace ECM and/or sensors? Do I need a different driveshaft - shorter/longer/different diameter shaft?

    My idea is to replace engine and transmission, then eventually upgrade rear end, and make my 1500 a 2500. That way it will be able to tow my 24' toy hauler down to the sand for family vacations.

    Please help out a newbie, and help me get another one of them great 'burbs back on the road where she belongs.

  2. donnoman

    donnoman New Member

    96 suburban upgrade

    I'm considering much the same thing, but I'm leaning towards GM Performance's drop in replacement 350 stroker like this one Chevy Engine

  3. tbplus10

    tbplus10 Epic Member Staff Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    You can put the 7.4 in your truck with a 4L80E, the package will need the 7.4 and 4L80E eng/trans mounts/crossmember and the transfer case (dont forget new computers also).
    As far as upgrading the suspension to 2500 it's possible, the 2500 is more than axles tho, you'll need the 2500 springs and most of the front suspension including the Diff, half shafts, torsion bars, and spindle assemblies. A major undertaking and some of your lift kit may not work with the new suspension pieces.
    Stick with your present engine trans combo, beef up the engine with some choice parts, save money for the rebuilt trans you'll need soon after putting those bigger tires on, and look at getting some friendlier gearing in the axles.
  4. collinsperformance

    collinsperformance Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    you might come out ahead just selling your current ride and get the 3/4 to start with....mike
  5. icoad

    icoad New Member

    Thanks for help

    Thanks for the help and advice.

    I think I'm gonna take the wimp option and just do a straight engine swap with a new 350. Might drop a new Chevy Transmission in there too, just cos the old one has 140k on it and it will be easier to do with the engine out. The extra cost/time/difficulty to do everything else is not worth it for the few times I will use it to tow the trailer.

    Donnoman, I love the idea of the 383, but unfortunately I live in California, and the smog police would be all over me.

    Thanks all
  6. collinsperformance

    collinsperformance Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    95% of the smog cops will never know----just do not tell them they will put 350 and never be the wiser. my mustang has the 347 and is smogged as a 302 and never been an issue. my C10 has the 383 stroker and i tell the smog person it is a 350 and no issues. i am Sacramento so the smog cops are a real pain here....lol.....mike

    LANDBARG Rockstar

    Ah, don't wuss out. Make a call and have a nice shiny new 572 delivered with the 4L80E. :rofl: If you are going to stick with the 350, at least bolt on the Vortech and or get a nice big hairdryer for it. :lol:
  8. dwill3015

    dwill3015 Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Let's see some pictures of that rad ride of yours!:great:

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