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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by ChivaLRy, May 14, 2010.

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    So say a guy has 186,000 miles on his 02 Silverado 1500 and is ready to look for a new engine. The current engine in his truck is a 5.3 and he is thinking about movin' on up to a 5.7 or so... Now if I am thinking correctly this would require a total computer and wiring harness switch out also right? How much of a pain in the butt would that be? Should I even contemplate doing it myself, or should i just plan on staying with a crate 5.3? Thanks in advance for any answers yall can give me!

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    Stay with the 5.3 Liter,don't get me wrong the 5.7 liter is a Great Engine,as you mentioned you can pick-up a New 5.3 crate motor and just drop it in.No swapping Computer's,Harness and so on.......and last a New 5.3 is going to have more H.P. right out of the Box......then the one that is in the Truck now....Back in 2002 the 5.3 liter had 285 H.P. and today they have 315 H.P.
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  3. 2COR517

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    Why do you think you need a new engine? 186K isn't all that much.

    BTW, the tuning/PCM is what gives you the power. A new long block will still run at the original power output
  4. ChivaLRy

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    Well the old gal is kinda gettin' tired and has recently began to burn oil... Not bad enough to get a new plant right away, but I figure that I might as well have a game plan if\when one is needed. Thanks again!

    BTW, Sorrry if this was supposed to be in the "powerplant" forum. Nwbs get lost ya know! ;)
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  5. 2COR517

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    You definitely want to stay with the LS series engines. A 350 would be a step backwards for the most part. Either a new 5.3 or a 6.0 if you want more performance.

    What are you using for oil? 10W-30 would be good with that many miles.
  6. phoebeisis

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    GM-Goodwrench- makes a drop in higher performance engine.
    It is basically a 5.3 with more cam and moly coated piston skirts.
    It is roughly the same price-$3500-as a straight Goodwrench 5.3, so why not.

    Don't go for a crate motor not from GM. Why bother when you can get the real deal-plug in motor no electronic issues-stock ECU etc.
    The HUGE advantage GM products have is you can buy factory new motors performance or stock--cheap!Usually they come with real GM warranty.

  7. kburb

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    Go and get youu a 6.0 from a 2500 truck. They are graet engines and will provide huge amounts of HP with littel effort.
  8. tbplus10

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    Planning ahead is a great idea, at the mileage you have you should still be able to get some time out of her but it doesnt hurt to think ahead.
    For the new engine I would probably sit down and balance the pros and cons

    Larger displacement engine:
    More power
    possibly lower MPG
    higher up front cost (purchase)
    possible mods and expense to install different engine
    how long for pay-off on gains?

    Sticking with the same size engine:
    Does it do the job I task it with now?
    Cost difference between upgrade and existing size?
    Could I mod this engine for more performance and still save some money?

    And finally if the engines getting tired what about:
    the transmission
    cooling system (radiator)
    And axles
    will the new engine cause them an early failure?
    do I need to plan for mods to them?
    How much more of a budget will I need to plan for this?
  9. silveradotrailblazer

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    GM has a replacement 5.3 part # 19165628 thats a direct replacement and has 327 H/P at 5,500 rpm and 347 lb-ft torque at 4,600 rpms. Sometimes its referred to as a LS327/327 or a 5.3 H.O. Its in there catolog and on there website.
  10. wis bang

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    GMPP crate engines only come w/ 12 months warranty...

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