Engine Swap!!! (it seized...lol)

Discussion in 'Chevy Avalanche Forum (Escalade EXT)' started by K15 Blazer Guy, May 10, 2013.

  1. K15 Blazer Guy

    K15 Blazer Guy Member 2 Years 100 Posts

    This is for my neighbor. He bought this truck right when i moved in. Turns out the pre-owner never chainged the oil, the valve train baked itself dry, and the engine froze.... wish i moved in sooner to tell him 'dont buy it' lol

    anyway- were starting to take everything apart to do an engine swap. im excited cause this is the newest vehicle ive ever done this in (its always been carb non emission engines)
    any advice?

    its 2wd so that will make it easier. I think its a 2002. he still needs to find a replacement long block... my only concern is tunning this new engine once we change out everything.
    things like valve lash and timing are totaly different for these engines because of the computer.

    dose the valve-lash and timming come preset when you get a new engine? I was thinking we would clear the computer's memory, then disable the ignition, and trun the engine over to both prime it, and let the sensors talk to the computer for crank position, etc... then see if it starts itself.

    any advice on the procedure, where to get a engine, or resources to explore would be awesome.
  2. TRPLXL2

    TRPLXL2 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    What kind of engine?? 5.3, 6.0, 5.7??

    I think your going to be surprised just how easy it is, a lot of people look at the newer cars and think "oh man that would suck to have to swap a motor in one of these!!" I have done an LS swap, and an LT1 swap, and it really is plug and play especially what you guys are doing. If your doing a straight swap, meaning same type of engine you'll be fine.

    Your going to have to go to autozone and rent an oil primer or buy one, I wouldn't recommend dry priming it like an old school SBC. You do this by hand, It looks like a slide hammer almost.

    As far as the ECM, your going to have to have VATS disabled and a crank relearn done. I would also recommend upgrading the oil pump to a high volume Melling oil pump while you have the engine out, they cost the same as the stock unit but are ported for better flow.

    I know I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff, but this will get you started.
  3. K15 Blazer Guy

    K15 Blazer Guy Member 2 Years 100 Posts

    VATS disabled?
    is that like my truck's tuning mode?

    i heard on OBD-1 trucks like mine, when you do the engine swap, you need to hard-wire the ECU into closed-loop while you set timing and valve lash....
  4. TRPLXL2

    TRPLXL2 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    96 and older obd1
    97 and up obd2

    Vats=vehicle anti theft system

    On his 02 the only way to adjust timing is through something like hptuners, or have it professionally tuned. You shouldn't have to mess with the timing, crank relearn, and vats deletion and your good to go. As far as hardwiring the ECM, your playing with fire. In order for the ECM to go into closed loop, it will cycle through all the sensors. When it gets all the correct signals, then it will go into closed loop.

    If you want to force it into closed loop you can, by disconnecting the map sensor.

    Again this is all speculation, because I have no idea what engine we are talking about lol?
  5. K15 Blazer Guy

    K15 Blazer Guy Member 2 Years 100 Posts

    the 5.3 vortec i think
    were gonna check the numbers to be sure
  6. marksoldtowne

    marksoldtowne Member 1 Year

    engine swapping is the process of replacing the engine of vehicles.whole performance of our vehicle depends on engine so be aware about good repair company.during swapping of engine care about car safety,performance,handling & reliability.ECU needs to correct input of the sensor,it is electronically compatible. swapping have done accurately by using technology save money & increase the performance & life of vehicle.
  7. nonnieselman

    nonnieselman Member 1 Year

    engine R/R in these trucks is really simple!

    NO valve lash or any of that old school nonsense.

    Fill with oil and if you really want to prime it up, just unhook the fuel injectors and coil packs. turn it over for about 30-45 seconds and then fire it up.
    ive done that one time but now we just start them up and it gets oil pressure just as fast as after you do a oil change.

    Swap the engine and go.
  8. K15 Blazer Guy

    K15 Blazer Guy Member 2 Years 100 Posts

    wow, awesome! thanks.
    i really want one of these engines in my truck....
    but the only way i can afford it, is if i find a rolled truck (or something) and get everything intacked for cheap...

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