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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by sunblock, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. sunblock

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    Hello, first post here. I have an 1985 K5 4x4 with a crate 350 and less than 20k miles. The transmission was rebuilt when the motor was swapped as well. I have been wanting something bigger for towing, and I have come across an 88 Suburban that is in much better shape than my K5 cosmetically, but the motor sounds like it had a spun bearing. tranny in the 88 has 50k miles. My first thought is to swap the motor out of my K5, but the 85 in not fuel injected. Can I just omit the TBI setup on the burb and drop in my 350 with no issues? would it be possible to convert my 350 to TBI using the TBI and motor parts that are already in burb? seems like some guys upgrade their motor to TBI using old parts so I think its possible, and should be easier for me since the TBI is already hooked up in the vehicle. . the burb is also 4x4 and a 350. would I be able to save my tranny and axles from the k5 for future use in the burb? I think both have the 700R4.
  2. ahm1127

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    Your motor should go right in & bolt the intake from Suburban in, probably have an additional sensor for the 88. I would keep the parts from K5 & rebuild motor from Suburban once its up & running (383 stroker for the extra pulling power).
    Enjoy & good luck
  3. wis bang

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    I did the opposite, my '88 S-10 had a bad 2.8L TBI engine, I took the GMPP HT3.4L crate, emissions approved as a replacement for 82 - 85 carb engines and mounted the TBI intake. All the computer sensors were located on the intake/TBI, except for the knock sensor. That crate engine is a new longblock so it was a simple plug 'N play swap...the engine had air fuel and spark and didn't realize it wasn't getting it from a carb...
  4. sunblock

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    awesome. thanks guys, I figured as much but wanted to make sure before I started pulling things apart.
  5. wis bang

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    My biggest issue [and not one on a V-8] was having to change the front [timing] cover as the crate came w/ one for a vee belt and I had to use the one for my serpentine belt as the the machined reliefs for the water pump were opposite since the serpentine turned the small V-6 water pump in the opposite direction and those machined cuts had to match...

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