Engine Swap V6 to V8 How To ?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by SilverTruck04, Aug 25, 2009.

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    Alrighty guys :rofl: lets talk engine swap. I love and i mean love chevy trucks and I had a 88 CK1500 single cab short bed as my first car. That thing had a 5.7l 350 a throtle body spacer .40 series true dual flow and that thing hauled. I useto take it to the 1/8 mile and do 11sec. Anyways I love that truck but now my bro got it. So for my 18 bday I got a 2004 Silverado V6 :no: I knew I didnt want a V6 but at the time my pockets could not afford a V8 but know Im all grown up and ready and willing to do a engine swap :great:. Now I know the basics to a truck change oil here, new filter there, spark plug change ya di ya da. . . But is it at all possible for me myself to pull this off. Is there any books, sites, past posts that I can look at for reference. And lets talk hard ware what do I knew specific body parts please. I know I probably need a new engine:lol:, I was hoping to be able to pull one of a wreck at the local scrap yard. I looking for V8 Vortec 5300 (5.3L) which is what I think will be the easiest to install. Or my my dream a true SS engine 6.0L baby :great:. But what else, My boss said i need a new computer and can I use my current trany? Also lets try to keep cost down I dont want to go over 1,000 or 2,000 tops. If it helps my truck has less then 58,000k and I was hoping to sell the V6 after the swap. So cmon chevy gurus elighthen me :lol:
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    Go to the write up section, there is a guy that swapped a SBC into the same truck you have, this guy went all out but it can still help you, but yes you will need the computer from the doner vehicle.
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    nice link vncj.I didnt get any pics of my swap 5.7-7.4 but i did have the donor truck that was within 1 year my swap went like glass changed thr.cables fuel lines,harness,on my truck they added a plate to the t.case crossmemberfor the shorter4l60 that i unriveted and my 4l80 mount went right in other than that it was all bolt up DONOR trucks save money on all that little stuff highly recommend

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