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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by lee250, Mar 6, 2009.

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    I'm working on some trucks for a lady and she has 2 trucks. A 93 1500 with a 350 that destroyed itself and I think it is a 91, it's the next older body style, with a V6, I think it is a 4.3. The plan was to dump the 350 and put the V6 in the 93 cause the bodys good. They are both TBI so fuel isn't a problem and I'm told that the V6 will bolt to the trans in the truck so that isn't a problem. But my question is do I need to switch the computers and if I do do I need to switch the wiring harness or will the harness still work on the V6? Thanks in advance.
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    yes the harnesses for the v6 and v8 are different, i swaped a 4th gen ls1 into a v6 and had to have everything, engine, wiring harned , ecm ( computer ), trans, etc. sounds like some fun, if i was there id dig in with ya haha
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    If you have both trucks that are complete, you can just swap the wiring harnesses from one to the other (sounds easier than it is). It's do-able and probably your best bet, people do them on imports all the time.

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