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    I recently purchased an 85 Scottsdale 4x4 Half ton. The truck currently has a 305 with and Edlebrock 650 cfm 4 barrel on top other than that it's completely stock. Previously I had a 99 with the 5.3 so I'm used to having some get up and go that this 305 just ain't giving me. So I've been looking at buying a new crate 350. I looked on Gm Performance and found a 350 that has been beefed up and makes 290hp. So I called the closest dealer and was talking with him then he informed of another engine they have it's a 350 HO turnkey. Meaning that bascially this engine's ready to be dropped in. The other 350 would require some assembly of parts. Since this truck came to me without the CAT I plan which ever engine I get,to put headers on it and run true duals with Flowmaster 40's running out the back and I plan on using the same carb unless I get the 350 HO. The 350 HO puts out 330 Hp.

    Does anyone have any experience with either of these motors? Also I'm going to have it installed my motor swapping days have been gone for awhile.
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    The 350 HO is just the "high output" version. Either of them will bolt in just the same. What parts did the dealer tell you that were missing on the 290 HP that the HO has? I know they offer "deluxe" versions of these, but that just means they come with more parts (carb, manifold etc) but they will bolt in your truck the same. You can get a copy of the GM Performance Parts Catalog from your dealer & see what they actually come with & you will be able to separate what the dealer is telling you which may or may not be accurate.
    I've owned several small blocks, 283, 302, 305, 327, 350ci (5.7) & they all bolt in the same.
    Your 650 CFM carb will be fine for either of those engines that you're considering. It will supply the 350 HO engine up to 6,500 RPMs' / 350 ci X 6,500 RPMs = 2275000. div. by 3456 = 658.27 CFM required for sustained 6500 RPM eng. operation..
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    I've also seen the deluxe version of the 350 which includes the intake manifold,carb, starter, and I believe water pump. Which that engine is condiderably cheaper than the 350 HO but the 350 HO is putting out 40 more horse's which cost me an additional $1500. I'm not sure it will be worth the extra money for the 40 horses and also the truck has a newly rebuilt tranny. So I'm hoping that which ever engine I go with the transmission is gonna be able to handle it.

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    GO DIESEL !!!!!!!! there is no better power !
  5. 7 point

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    Yea I'd love to but thats not an option for me at this point

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    its onlt araound 8 K for your truck ..with 6.5 TD !!!!

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