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    I have an 05 silverado I just purchased. after about 100 miles the engine warning light has come on (not blinking) but steady. I put Mid grade fuel in it about 60 miles ago. I have not driven thru any large puddles, and the fuel cap appears to be on tight? My question is how long does it take for the light to come on if I got bad fuel?? I am consederably concerned since I just bought this truck, but the manual says don't panic until the light is flashing?? Any info would be helpful??:neutral:
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    If the light stays on its a emission issue. Some of these codes take several cycles to show up after resetting the ecm to turn off the light. For example if the rear O2 sensor goes bad and you turn erase the code, depending on your driving it can take as little as 50miles and as much as 500miles to turn the light back on. GM does this so if a unusal event happens it doesnt throw a code right away incase the event never takes place again. I would see if you can get the truck scanned to see what code is thrown, erase the code and see if it throws the same code again. Some autoparts will scan your truck for free.
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    Got m answer! Went down to Oreillys auto store and the guy read the code. Turned out to be the gas cap? It was on tight, but probably didn't have a good seal so I got a really good locking one! Thanks to all who read this and thanks to Oreillys!!!
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    mine has thrown the o2 sensor code twice in the last 2 weeks. it says o2 sensor heater circuit. bank 1 sensor 2. the code was p0141. guess im gonna have to replace hope it isnt the cat. have read on here that its the driver's side the one after the cat. just had to replace the alternator, idle pulley and belt.
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