Enkei hits up West Point and points north.. Nice ride....

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    Took a nice ride up to West Point and NewBurgh,NY today Nice ride up 9w..

    Some Great views from 9w Looking down at the Hudson River and West Point..

    DSCF9802.jpg DSCF9803.jpg DSCF9806.jpg DSCF9804.jpg

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    My friends house up on the Mt over looking the Hudson valley

    Anyone know how to play this LARGE Orgin? It is the biggest in the US with over 1000 pipes....Some over 50 ft long

    DSCF9808.jpg DSCF9809.jpg DSCF9810.jpg

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    some more shots of the river and the long road going up there... A fun drive.. DSCF9813.jpg

    DSCF9811.jpg DSCF9812.jpg

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    DSCF9814.jpg A Avalanche seen where I was eating.. DSCF9816.jpg check out that bumper..

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    The Long and winding road on 9w.. DSCF9815.jpg A Paddle boat on the Hudson... DSCF9817.jpg DSCF9818.jpg DSCF9819.JPG

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