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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by dfhollums, Jul 8, 2013.

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    What's Hot? Four-bolt mains
    Perfect truck/SUV upgrade
    Easy installation

    An emissions-legal small-block that brings on the torque for your '96''99 GM truck/SUV!
    The HT383E crate engine from GM Performance Parts is an exciting new extension of our 'High Torque' line that is especially designed for your '96''99 half-ton, full-sized GM pickup trucks and SUVs, with the L31 350. The HT383E is a direct replacement for your high-mileage 5.7L stock engine.

    The HT383E offers you the same brute strength of our HT383: forged steel crank, 4-bolt main cast iron block, and a camshaft designed for towing and hard work. With 383 cubic inches, you also get a broad torque band that peaks at 3600 rpm with horsepower peaking at 4500 rpm.

    Our GM Performance Parts engineers designed the HT383E so that installation is as easy as possible. Simply swap your new HT383E in place of your existing 5.7L engine using your stock intake manifold, wiring harness, and fuel injection system. The stock computer adapts to the new HT383E, and you suddenly have a stump-pulling, big-inch small-block at your disposal.

    Go with the HT383E, and get the job done right! I am considering installing the above described GM Performance Parts engine in my wife's 1999 1/2 ton Suburban. Does anyone here have any experience of using this same engine and is the stock transmission enough to handle the torque or are there some modifications that need to be done? A brake upgrade from SSBC is also in the plans.
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    I'm not finding your reply in the Forum you listed.

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    Thanks for the assistance
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    GM Performance Engine HT 383E PN 17800393. I want to clarify the previous Post about the listed GM Performance Engine. It is intended to be a direct replacement for the Small Block that was used in the 1996-1999 GM Trucks and SUVs. It makes 340 HP at 4500 RPM and 435 ft/lbs TQ at 4000 RPM. I want to install one in my wife's 1999 Chevy, 1/2 ton, 2wd Suburban Is the stock 4L60-E transmission strong enough to handle that much power and torque? I have a plan made for upgrading the brakes, as well.
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    That really depends on how you plan on using the Suburban, if its a daily driver intended to pull a car trailer once in a while or the boat or camper on the weekends then it should be fine.
    If you plan on heavy loads all the time or want to drive it like a couple ton racecar then no you need to upgrade to a 4l80e.
    But also consider if your present engine is tired enough that it requires replacement whats the condition of the trans? Its been behind that engine for every mile on the odometer. How its been treated and maintained will reflect in how long it survives behind the new engine.
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    Thanks for the reply and the advice. My wife is the main driver of the Sub. it only has 160,000, and is mainly used for local runs, but we do use it for an occasional long distant journey. The truck is ingreat shape mechanically and I do my best to take care of it.
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    I have a 97 k1500. Has the ht383 etc, when I did mine I had 440000 kms on the original 350. I changed it just because. My tranny dropped out 470000, no complaints there. I knew the added hp would strain the tranny but hey I wasn't going to rebuild until it needed it. I'm also running 35s so that's even more strain. I still have the stock 3.73 diff setup but will go to the 4.56 this fall.

    Anyhow, I've seen lots of comments about swapping to the 480 tranny and I did something a little different and so far happy with results. I have about 10,000 kms on the rebuild and most of it towing my 3000 lb boat. The wiring swap to do the 480 was a bit of a headache so this is what I did. It's something in between. I used the stock 460 tranny housing and dropped in a new set of 4l65 planetary s. It has the extra spider gear. Kevlar bands, corvette servos and boosted line pressure and a shift kit. Seems to be working well and all the wiring etc stays the same, just a beefier set of internals.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there for guys looking at options.

    Other stuff I've done, Westers tune, jba shorty headers 2.5 inch dual exhaust all the way back high flow cats etc, cold air intake as well. Been quite happy with the setup I have 40000 kms on the engine.

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