Enterprise Rent-A-Car Review - Chevy HHR Rental Filthy & In Poor Condition

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by ChevyFan, Jun 20, 2011.

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    Decline in Customer Service at Enterprise Rent-A-Car?

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car has been my go-to rental car company for over a decade as I found their prices to be decent, their customer service to be top-notch and they always cleaned out and maintained the vehicles very well before handing the keys to another customer.

    Well, all that has changed over the past six months and it looks like the wonderful customer service and customer care that made me love Enterprise has gone away. The last two rentals have been extremely dirty, full of dings and body panel dents and one was at zero-percent (0%) oil life and had a tire that I had to put air in on my own.

    Now I am left wondering if we can go back to Enterprise again and even trust if they look at the vehicle or even do basic mainenance on them. Are they even safe to drive?

    Let me share with you my last two rentals from Enterprise and perhaps you can jump in to see if I am overreacting to this. Also, if anyone has any additional insight into this, I'd like to know it.


    We just picked up the keys to a Chevy HHR at the Mansfield, Texas Enterprise location on S. Cooper Street. They didn't have many options, which is fine, and it was either the Chevy HHR, a Chevy Aveo or a Toyota Prius. We've got a child in the hospital and we need to have a rental car for my wife to go back and forth so we had to get something right then and there.

    062011113401.jpg 062011124049.jpg 062011113640.jpg 062011113507.jpg 062011124135.jpg

    We had called and put the HHR on reservation, it was waiting out front for us when we pulled up. After doing the paperwork, we noticed it was dirty - not just dirty, but filthy actually. We asked about something else, they pulled a Chevy Aveo around, just too small. We got into the Prius and it smelled like heavy smoke, and with asthma in the family that's not an option.

    We took the HHR and did the walk around, it was clearly not washed. The counterwoman who helped said they could wash it again, I said, "You mean wash it for the first time?" and she asserted that it has been cleaned. Clearly not, there is tar and simple road-grime that is still on the doors.

    Once we opened the door, the stains on the seats were clear, but more than that were the filthy windows, the "food" or "gunk" that was on the doors, and the massive fresh stains that were in the carpets. WOW, that's just disgusting. Totally not acceptable.

    Being in a very critical point in life, having a newborn baby in the NICU and me having to get back to work, we don't have a lot of time for them to do a full detail to clean it up. So we took the vehicle and drove away just to save on time. They said that we can call them daily to see if they have something we can swap out for.


    I won't go into as much detail on the G6, which was a wonderful handling car, but this vehicle was also pretty dirty and we got it at 0% oil life and an underinflated tire that I had to fill up when driving. It was near 30,000 miles on the odometer when we got it and I just wonder how many miles had been put on it between oil changes? I pity the person that bought this rental.


    What does this experience say about customer service in the US and especially companies like Enterprise? Am I alone? Are other people having similar issues to this? Maybe we should put up a "Rental Car Photos" section on this site so people can post pictures of the condition of the rental car that they get.
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    I haven't had any bad rental experiences personally, but when my mom had her car in for service over the winter, the GM dealer she goes to arranged a rental as they always do. This particular dealer also deals with enterprise. Normally she gets a pontiac G6 (which she hates) and although its not the same class of car as hers it gets her around. This time, all enterprise had for her was a Hyundai Accent. In the middle of winter with the snow and ice, this car had summer tires on it, she had the defroster on full blast and it still couldn't keep the windshield clear after she scraped it, and it was just generally not a safe car for our winters. There is no rental company that should let that kind of vehicle be on the road in those conditions.

    Other than that, we usually only rent when on holidays, and we use budget then. Because its a holiday, we usually choose something spacious to have room for my grandma, or we rent a mustang. All of our experiences with budget have been good - mustangs and SUVs such as Enclaves and Yukons are always well equipped and in good shape. The only issue was that the Yukon XL 2500 we most recently rented needed an oil change, but by the mileage it was only due for its second change.

    As a side note, the quality of an Avis mustang for very close to the same price as a Budget mustang does not compare. The budget cars are generally better equipped than others in my experience, and always clean. Even the Hyundai Elantra we rented on short notice while travelling a couple of months ago was nicely equipped with an iPod hookup and a sunroof.
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    I just had the exact same thing happen to me from Enterprise as well. My truck was in the shop recently getting some work done, and they authorized a rental for me. When i went over to the "attached" Enterprise they didnt have any cheap cars to give me so they drove me down the road to another enterprise. When i got there they had a Cobalt waiting on me. This poor little car was a disaster. It had scratches and dents all over it, and it looked as if it hadnt been cleaned in months. The interior didnt have any trash, but had clearly not been cleaned and was grimy and smelled of nasty feet. When i told the guy about it, he said thats all they had available and i could take it or pay for an upgrade. Since i was only going to have it for a half day i decided to take it.
    Once i got it out on the road i soon realized the car had alot of issues, The steering pulled to the left, and the tires were way out of balance, and there was some awful noises coming from the transmission. The car had cruise control, but anytime you tried to activate it the check engine light came on. I checked the ODO and found only 9000 miles on the car!

    I realize that Enterprise is completely to blame for the cleanliness of their vehicles and maintenance. But GM quality in their lower end cars must be crap these days.

    By the end of the day, i was just glad to see my truck back!
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    I rent cars evey week. I allways use Avis. I'm preferred customer. Allways have a clean, if not new car, waiting at the airports for me. no waiting at all. Love there Camaros and Yukons The best.
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    In Sept of 09 we rented from FOX rental in Las Vegas, I needed a sedan to transport my mother-in-law and wifes aunts, the first vehicle we got, an 09 Dodge Charger with 42k miles was a pig pen, it had stains, grease, and gum on the leather seats, the interior smelled like dirt and it got my Levi's dirty while driving.
    I called FOX corporate offices and complained and was told to return the vehicle and it would be replaced with a vehicle that would be satisfactorily cleaned. I returned it that afternoon for a second Charger that smelled like litter in a hamster cage and had even more stains on the cloth seats.
    This car lasted 2 hours before thankfully representatives from the hotel we were staying at stepped in after hearing my conversation to FOX rental while talking on my cell phone at the valet stand.
    The Valet Supervisor and Front End Manager of the Golden Nugget returned my FOX rental for me and brought over a Volvo G80 sedan from Enterprise, they set up billing so I could use the refund for the unused days of my FOX rental to pay for the new rental.
    Upon returning from Las Vegas I complained to FOX corporate offices via Email again about the condition of their vehicles and was trying to get a partial refund for the days we didnt use. It took 45 days to get a refund and I've yet to get any responses to my complaints.
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    What gets me is that Enterprise used to be SOOOO good, and now it's been SOOOO bad. What changed in just a few years to do a 100% reversal?
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    I had to have a rental when my 2006 Silverado was in the shop (4 different times) i ended up getting another silverado. It was clean everytime since they actually gave me the same truck. My wife ended up with a cobalt from the same Enterprise in Columbus Ga. It was clean and well kept as well.
    I also take in the cars for the people who work at my company since it is easier just to have me sign for them than to track down the employee that is looking for them, and i have yet to see a dirty one, and they are always nearly new (though this is just from a visual aspect when they are parked in the lot). However since we are a corporate account that may make a difference.
    As to your complaint steve i can see how crummy that is. I almost wonder if it is from the low wages they pay it seems that we have to update our access roster weekly for new people and to remove people? so it has the effect that they dont really care.
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    My truck was in the shop 2 weeks ago and I had the dealership call me in a rental from enterprise and I told them I did not care what it was as long as it was a GM. They show up in a Kia SUV and had 1/8 of a tank of gas and when I asked where was my GM they said "we thought this would do".....Geezzz
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    This just keeps getting better. We just got the LOW TIRE PRESSURE warning light and two of the tires had low air. Must be a very slow leak becuase it held at 24 psi and just crawled back to 25 psi while driving to get air.

    I filled the FL up to 35 psi (up from 24 psi) to match the FR and the RL that were at 35. The RR was at 32 and I bumped that up to 35 as well.

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