Envoy wont start. battery good, no click or anything

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by spirentc, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. spirentc

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    So last night I went to start the envoy and it wont start. I had lights and everything. Battery meter reads 14V. I tried jumping it just in case. Didnt work. I turn the key and I get nothing. All I hear is the fuel injectors. I have checked all fuses. No engine light. I hooked up my code reader to check and it has a I/M section where it checks for Misfire, O2 sensors. Evap, etc. It will just say Ready Or Not Ready. The following said Not Ready:CAT,EVAP,2AIR,O2S,HO2S. I am thinking thats because it wasnt running. Am I wrong in thinking this. And anybody have any ideas why it wont start? Please Help!!!!! Thanks
  2. 5speedsilverado

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    if you tried to jump start it, im thinking a bad starter
  3. bill190

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    See if it is getting power to the starter.

    Then there is a starter solenoid which is a relay or "electric switch" and this is part of the starter. This would have a small wire going to it. See if you are getting power to this small wire when you turn the key to start.

    And be sure there is +12 volts on the large wire. And that there is a good ground connection.

    Also measure these voltages when turning the key to start.

    If you are not getting power to the small wire, check ALL fuses*. Look in your owner's manual for locations of fuses in your vehicle. There can sometimes be 3 different fuse boxes on a newer vehicle.

    How to check fuses...

    *In newer vehicles there can be 24 different computer modules. Sometimes if one of these does not have power, it can "mess up the whole works"! The module may not seem to have any direct connection to your problem, but will in fact be a main computer communications link to everything else.
  4. Greg84

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    Ignition switch. Pretty common in the trailblazers/envoys.
  5. 2ToNe04

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    its bad to jump start these new cars. :)
  6. spirentc

    spirentc Member

    Fixed Bad Ignition Switch

    It was the ignition switch. $40 at Advance Auto Parts store. Took me 15 min to replace. It was real easy. The only glitch I had was when I put the new one in it wouldn’t start it. I noticed the key didn’t turn back to the run position after trying to start it. I adjusted the gear on it and tried again. It fired right up. Thank you to al that replied. I was trying to look for instructions on how to replaced it and couldn’t find any. So here is the steps that I took to replace it...
    1) Remove the 6 screws that hold the dash under the steering wheel.
    2) Pry about the covering around the steering column. The adjustment lever for the height of the steering wheel pops off. Look right below the ignition. You will see the electronic switch.
    3) Pull the defective switch out and unplug the pigtail.
    4) Reinsert the pigtail into the new switch and reinsert it into the column.
    5) Try to start it. If your turn doesn't bounce back from the start position pull the switch back out and turn the gear on the top part one click. Reinsert and try again. Keep turning it one click till it will start the vehicle and you have all modes( Acc, Run, Start.)
    6) Reassemble everything.

    Hope this helps somebody. Its not hard to do if you know how to use a nut driver. That’s the only tool I needed to do it.
  7. daddytech

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    not sure about the brand new ones but 2000 and older all have a red post on them that you hook the pos to so that you can jump them. it's not a bad thing to jump them you just have to do it the right way.
  8. thefourwinds

    thefourwinds New Member

    If anyone is still out there, I am having a very similar problem, but it only happens when the weather is hot (80s+F). I have replaced the starter/solenoid, I have replaced the starter relay, I have replaced the ignition switch, and it still doesn't start when the weather gets too hot. It starts in the morning when it's cool, and even into the day in the lower 70s, but once it has been in the heat all day, and/or if the weather conditions get up into the 80s, it does the same thing (won't crank, won't start).

    Help!!! I am at my wit's end about this issue.
  9. RayVoy

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    Easy to track down if you have a volt meter and know how to use it.

    Do you have one?

    Oh, and by the way, a little vehicle info goes a long way.

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