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    I am having trouble locating details for trailer wiring. The dealership will sell awiring kit for approximately $200. But they cannot tell me if relays and fuses are include. They can not give me part numbers for the relays nor even the correct fuse size. Anyone else have this experience? Can anyone provide some help?
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    if you go to any custom truck shop that sells hitches, they'll have the wire harness you need from the body harness to the trailer connection, [ $45.00 CAD from van and truck world oshawa ontario canada ] it just snaps into a factory provided connection and your good to go.

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    Equinox Harness

    That is a correct diagram of the harness installation. I found the connector on my '10 behind the driver side taillight. It can be seen if you lift up the cover over the spare tire pit. I doubt any supplier other than GM has the correct harnesses (2 sections) just yet. I've hunted high and low. The harnesses can be had online for about $85. P/Ns 10364351 and 20807039. The Chevy parts guy I talked to couldn't give me the P/Ns for the 2 relays and fuses. He said I'd have to talk to the Service Manager to get set up. I think the fuses are 10 AMP.

    Chevy pulled a fast one with this harness. The connector behind the tailight is a completely new design. It's going to be a while until the aftermarket has the correct design on the retail shelves.
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    I assume the aftermarket community has caught up by now?

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