Ethanol Treatment and Fuel Injector Cleaner

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Big_Mike, Aug 16, 2012.

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    Hello fellow members, I have searched to see if this has been talked about before and haven't found any discussions. I was wondering if anyone knew if ethanol treatment (like what Sta-Bil makes) works as well as fuel injector cleaner for helping with vehicle maintenance. I am a little weary of these products, not being a fan of "liquid mechanic" products (even though these are not really classified as such). I realize that the best option would be to run gasoline that didn't have the ethanol mixed in with it. I've also heard that the best way to clean injectors is to remove them from the engine and use a specialty machine for the process (I have two I need to clean).

    Furthermore, speaking of ethanol brings up another point: I heard that the government was wanting to raise the percentage in gasoline from 10 to 15!!!! I might be missing something but that makes no sense!!!! All the government cares about is emissions and they don't care what ethanol is doing to vehicles (especially the old school vehicles with carburetors). I also believe that fuel economy decreases with this poor quality fuel, so more fuel is being used!!!!???? Not to mention the corn that is being wasted for all of this... I realize that there are "flex fuel" vehicles, but not everyone owns one!!! It looks to me like if enough people stood together for "ethanol-free" gasoline, the government would be forced to change back... But oh well, just putting that out there. Sorry for the rant about the government and politics. I'll step down from my soap box now since this is an automotive related website. Thanks, I appreciate any input.
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    You perhaps should state which engine you're talking about exactly. The 10-15% ethanol isn't really going to harm most engines on the road, unless you leave it sit around in the tank or such for very extended periods of time.

    The sta-bil ethanol treatment probably won't do anything useful for you, if you're driving the vehicle daily, which you're asking about it for. The small amount of ethanol in the gasoline actually helps keep the fuel system cleaner than your 'ethanol-free' gasoline would (without any alcohol-based cleaning agents added by the petrol companies).

    And finally, any noticable change in MPG going from plain gas to E-10, is either purely psychological (slight changes in driving habits), or something else is wrong with the vehicle anyway and going back to plain gas won't get you that extra MPG back without fixing the issue. Often, this may be caused due to certain build-up in the fuel system with plain gas, which the ethanol ends up breaking loose and cleaning out, and may result in the need to replace a fuel filter as the former build-up gets caught in it.
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    Seafoam straight up through the vacuum line to the brake booster with the engine revving. Works every time.
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    I agree! Excellent for cleaning the intake and cylinders... I also see that this doesn't really do much for deposits inside the fuel injectors. I usually toss a half can into the gas, too, to help clean things out.


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    Well, I will do some more research on "gasohol". However, I still don't particularly care for it do to some personal reasons. I thank you for your input. And it's for a 5.7 liter with throttle body injection. As the old adage goes, it appears I put the cart before the horse, by not doing some research. I've heard quite a bit of negative comments on the fuel and am just still skeptical about it.
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    I thank everyone else too for their input.

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