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  1. Davandy

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    Blanpain wants work sentence for smoking parents.

    There has to be a smoke prohibition in all of the public places like restaurants and bars , but also in places where children are, like at home and in the car. Says professor emeritus Roger Blanpain known for his crusade for a non-smoking world. He wants that parents whom continue smoking in the presence of their children must be able get work sentences.

    They just legalized soft drugs and now this
    so we can smoke a joint but no cigarettes

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  2. Cableguy

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    No drugs for me...I bet some of you are thinking "ya right", but I do admit to smoking cigarettes. Nasty stinky habit.
    Our Bars have been smoke free for a while now, and it came down not to long ago. No smoking in work vehicles
  3. ChevyFan

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    Sigh. I guess parents who's children live in hawaii should be jailed too becuase those volcano eruptions cause bad stuff to go into the air ... kids breathe that stuff. bad parents! bad! bad!

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