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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by vaportrail, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. vaportrail

    vaportrail New Member

    Last fall I asked if anyone had an evap code problem w/ a 01 tahoe 5.3L. the saga continues! The only thing different is that it is now cold & the code stays off if I leave the truck outside. If I bring it in the garage overnight (45*) the next am it will code po446 again & doesn't go out. I have replaced the fuel cap w/ gm cap per vin#. and the sol. vent valve.
    any ideas/ experience???????????? ( this has been going on for over a year & it also has been evap fogged with "I can't find a problem - that'll be 160 bucks")
  2. z71silverado04

    z71silverado04 New Member

    this system will usually not run in the cold weather so that is why when you park in the garage it will set the code i looked it up and there is a revised vent valve which you said you replaced it also said to check for a restricted fuel tank vapor line or the fuel tank presure sensor could be bad i have also seen a hose ran from the valve depending on what kind up to the top of tranny so that it dont pick up dust.
  3. ascalese

    ascalese New Member

    I had an equinox with a similar problem

    The Dealership replaced the cap which didn't fix it then they replaced the filler neck and I never got the error again.
  4. vaportrail

    vaportrail New Member

    I cringe at the dealership word!
    I'll look at that possiblilty when the weather warms up. Have replaced fuel cap w/ dealer supplied using vin#.

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