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    My TB just go a new gas tank and fuel pump at the dealer on Friday (free of charge). After driving it for the weekend the Service engine light came on took it back to the dealer they are telling me the lines that go to the Evap solenoid are bad. They told me $850.00 to fix it but the parts are on back order (3 weeks). Does anyone know the part numbers or the name of these parts? I need #1 and #5 in the pictures



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  2. j cat

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    first the cost is quite high for this service. since they replaced the fuel tank they broke these lines . I would not go back to this dealership.

    the fuel tank need be dropped then the canister and lines need inspection. It is possible they did not correctly hook up a line or fractured the lines causing a leak.

    other repair shops can do this for less and in most cases there are aftermarket repair kits to repair this for much less.

    with the use of proper tools to remove the quick disconnect lines / fittings I find this odd that this was a mistake or somehow a component failure at this time .
  3. Pikey

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    I agree. Make a fuss at the dealer, if they don't repair it for free then threaten to call GM customer service. If that does not help then actually call GM customer service and file a report. You may be surprised to see how fast things get done after speaking with them.
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    You should make them pay for their mistake. Call them and be polite but if they refuse go there when they are full of customers and make your case in front of everyone. Trust me it works and this was worth the look on the service writters face:biggrin:. I just had a 440 evap code but the kid at the gas station forgot to put the cap on.

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