Excessive Cab Noise - 2010 Chevy Silverado & 2010 GMC Sierra Road Noise

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Hawgin1, May 5, 2010.

  1. Hawgin1

    Hawgin1 New Member

    My new sierra has alot of cab noise/ Road noise. It is a crew cab 4x4 with 20" tires. I see rear cab vents. Has anyone came across this problem. And found a solution. It seems they could of used better sound barrier insulation. The noise seems to be coming from the rear.
  2. thoffman2000

    thoffman2000 New Member

    Same problem here with my 2010 Sierra Crew Cab. The noise is coming from the rear on the cab on the right hand side. Near the vent on that side, there’s holes in the insulation behind the seat, kind of like a cut, you can stick your whole hand through almost. I don’t know if there’s supposed to be holes there, there’s not on the other side. I'm going back to the dealer today to compare the insulation on another truck.


    Edit...just returned from checking other trucks at the dealership and they all have the holes/cutouts in the insulation behind the right rear seat near the cab vent. I'm going to try sealing this off and see where I get.

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  3. Arclight

    Arclight New Member

    This is very interesting as I just purchased a GMC Sierra Crew 4X4 yesterday. I actually drove five different Silverado Crews with the same problem. Even my wife noted the noise.

    Finally started test driving the GMC Crews and the right-rear wind-like noise decreased a little. I can still hear this noise it just seems to be a little less in the one I bought.

    So, I am saying it is a problem in both Silverados and Sierras. While the dealer sales manager and staff were accomodating in this test drive marathon re the noise, they had no solutions.

    Hope this thread is updated for possible solutions.

    PS: My '05 Silverado Crew did not have this noticeable noise problem
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  4. Uncle Matt

    Uncle Matt New Member

    I bought a 2010 GMC Sierra crew cab two weeks ago and the noise is driving me nuts. I thought it was just my truck. I've been under the truck looking but could not locate the source. I thought it possibly had something to do with the power rear slider. The truck is heading back to the dealer Monday to see if they can locate and correct the problem.
  5. Arclight

    Arclight New Member

    Well, I spent several hours on the internet via Google and discovered my problem was most likely coming from the right-rear cabin airvent which is located on the back of the cab metal wall. There is another vent on the left-side driver's side in the same area but it had no noise issue in the seven new crews I drove.

    These vents allow airflow in and out of the cab for pressurization and operation of the climate control functions, defrost and etc... You will read about this as you read the articles via Google.

    From the outside, if you look down between the bed and the cab you will see the black plastic frame of the air vent.
    Inside the plastic frame are semi-hard but flexible rubber louvre-type vents that move open and shut to allow airflow
    and air and road noise. Just think of a heat register in your home and then stand it on it's end--that's what we're talking about. The GMC vent may not look like these. But here is a picture so you will get the idea.


    Remember there is one on each side of the truck. This is an F-150 picture but this will give you an idea of how/where they are postioned.


    On my 2010 Sierra Crew, if you look and reach behind the RR seat you can see and feel the vent. You can reach inside the plastic frame and feel the rubber louvres.

    The point is if air is coming in so is air noise and road-tire noise--whatever you have. After I drove seven GM crews at the dealer and inspected them, the sales manager discounted the fact that it might be right-side cabin vent design. However, the air and road noise I heard in all the GM vehicles I drove was coming from the RR cab corner.

    Now, think about it, will they fix it--I doubt it. Not until a command or bulletin comes down from the board

    Do a Google search and use these words--- behind cabin vent--this will lead you to several associated article-threads on the vents. You will find some good articles and pics from guys who install custom stereos on the rear cab wall. Their concern with the vents is their stereos vibrate the vent louvres and cause vibration and noise. They also talk about air-road noise coming from the vents.

    After reading about this, here is what I did as a test. I used duct tape and taped over the RR vent. Now, I know everyone on the board will freak out about this as it might effect or compromise the air flow, pressurization and etc..
    But it solved or severly lessened the noise I was having.

    I also surveyed the RR corner area and closed every suspect area with either tape or pieces of towels. None of this shows.

    So, in the best of the GM world, you need that vent for it's intended purposes but to solve the problem of noise think about muffling the sound but letting air flow.

    I'm not going to leave my RR cabin vent taped over but here is what some guys have done on their own without dealer assistance.

    The stereo guys remove them. Other guys tape a common doubled-piece of bed-sheet over them to muffle but let air in. Carpet with slits cut in it. Furnace filter pieces taped together and then taped over it. Thin breathable foam rubber, breathable insulation pieces and many other ideas. One guy said when he draped a beach towel over and down the backseat it blocked and obscured the noise.

    As you read via Google, you will have some ideas if you want to try and solve the problem yourself. Today, I plan to untape mine and decide what I will do to muffle but allow airflow through the vent.

    Bet the dealers will shotgun the problem with new tires, window molding and a myrid of other ideas when it is actually the engineering and or postioning of the RR cabin vent.

    How can seven different crews at my dealer have the same noise and bad tires and etc. :no:

    Last nite I drove it around the tract up about 45 mph--very little if any noise in the RR cab area. This morning I plan to run it at hwy speed as a test.

    Sorry this is so long. Good luck!


    PS: Also re sound deadening techniques I always spray my rear wheel wells with aerosol cans of undercoating. They also make a plastic wheel well insert to cover this area. FYI.

    There are other brands but this is what I use:


    Added this pic of F350 cab vent so you can see the general make up of one. While the GM vent may not be exactly like this, I do kno it has the rubber louvred flaps because I have felt mine.


    Update on my hwy speed test drive (60-70 MPH) the noise is gone. I did notice a little air leak noise around my driver's side front side window but that was personified because of the vent being totally taped shut, cab pressure build up and etc.

    Now I'm going to start experimenting with a modification to let air flow again but MUFFLE the sound.
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  6. thoffman2000

    thoffman2000 New Member

    I've come to the exact conclusion on mine. The noise is coming from the vent on the right side. I can't find any reason why it's right side only. Pondering different solutions now...not sure what the "right" one is. Will revisit again when I have a better plan.

  7. Als09Sierra

    Als09Sierra Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Does anyone with an 09 have this issue? I haven't had the problem with mine, but I have the rear wheel well liners from the dealer. Has anyone had the problem with the wheel well liners? If not, that may be the simplest solution.
  8. Arclight

    Arclight New Member

    I do not have the wheel well liners on my 2010 but I did coat the whl wells. Was trying to solve the problem w/o the liner expense. I would not discount your thought on that. Noticed the frt whl wells come covered.

    Still experimenting !

    I'm not kidding abt driving all the Silverados crews they had. They were all noisey in the right rear cab. The GMCs were just a little quieter re the noise.
  9. NOAH

    NOAH New Member

  10. Arclight

    Arclight New Member

    Mine is an SLE with Goodyears. I have the RR inside vent half taped shut which is helping.

    Will try your idea about the foam rubber between the cab and bed--I suppose you mean outside the cab is where he put the foam ? Thx for the tip. I'm also considering rear whl well covers as there are none in the rear.


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