Excessive Cab Noise - 2010 Chevy Silverado & 2010 GMC Sierra Road Noise

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Hawgin1, May 5, 2010.

  1. jstein9020

    jstein9020 New Member

    Thanks everyone. I'm going to talk with the dealer right away about the wind noise and discuss the TSB you've posted here. Hopefully I can nip the bud off that problem right away. As for the mpg concern, I'll just keep an eye on that and keep my foot easy on the pedal.

    SierraOwner5.3...I see you are now in Virginia. My wife and road trip to the Outerbanks every other year for 3 weeks of surf fishing. Do you ever make it down that way? And if so, how does the Sierra do on the beach and in the sand? My bother had his Silverado out on Portsmouth Island and Ocracoke Island 2 years back. It did as well in the deep sand as our Jeep did. Nice truck, I think it was a 2005, it did great!
  2. tower11

    tower11 New Member

    Take the truck back and get your money back. First of all, I am pretty sure that the salesman knew of this "noise" problem (they all do by now) and lied to you to sell the truck. Now that you have heard the "noise" you are always going to hear some of it even after the "fix" and it's going to piss you off. I have had the "fix" and the problem still exists to some degree. I have posted earlier about this issue with my 2010 Chev that I was forced to trade for a 2011 Chev (go back and read it...I don't want to relive it) because I waited to long believing the dealer could eventually fix the problem. I swore to myself that I would not post anything else to this site...but just wanted to give my opinion. If you bought a 2010 black crew cab from the Monticello dealer have I got some stories for you.
  3. wpauli

    wpauli Member

    I Agree with Tower11

    Please do not put yourself through this. If you have an out, take it. I traded my 2010 off on Dec 24th. The best Christmas present I have ever bought myself. I had been a loyal GM truck guy, grew up in a family of GM trucks on the farm and on the streets. I just could not handle the constant noise even after countless fixes applied by my dealer. I know, there are folks on here that say, "Hey, it is a truck, and if you want something quiet buy a car." But, it does not need to be that way. It is not an either / or situation. The 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 is as quiet as a car. Tower is also right in that the salesperson where you bought this truck knows the story of the GM road noise. Don't let them snow you.
  4. rickyd

    rickyd New Member

    We bought our 2010 GMC Sierra 4x4 new in June 2010. I wish I could get 15 city, mine ranges from 11 to 14 max in the city, most of the time around 12 city. Of course we have lots & lots of hills in NW MO, this a very poor town for bicycling, hardly a level street anywhere. On the highway I get a religious 20-23, usually depending on if I am driving into the wind or not.
    Even after having the dealer do the factory service bulletin adjustment on the right rear vent behind the back seat, I still have some wind noise. Sounds like the RR back door is ajar. I have never owned a truck with this much cab noise. The wind noise was pretty much gone for the first couple weeks after the repair then some of the noise returned, it's not nearly as bad but it's still there. I'm sure my 20 or 21" Bridgestone tires don't help the cab noise either.
    My insurance man just purchased a 2012 Chevy Silverado 4X4 just like my GMC and he says his no noise at all, quiet as a church mouse, so they must have fixed the problem in 2012. We wish we had our 4X4 Ford Explorer back, it rode like a Cadillac & was very quiet but we needed the pickup to pull our new camper trailer.
    - Rick -
  5. phxlab

    phxlab New Member

    They didn't fix it in 2012. First thing I stated to the salesman on the test drive was that there was a lot of road noise. He also said it was probably the road. They gave me a good deal, so I bought the truck, thinking that it could be fixed. Wish I had seen this thread first. I had test driven other trucks that were quieter, but this was the overall best deal. Taking it back this week for the TSB. Hope it fixes the problem, but not really thinking it will.
    I also have insulation showing out of each side of the cab, on the outside down where the lower front of the front doors close against the cab. Passenger side was wet after I washed the truck.
    Can anyone see insulation outside the cab in this area.
  6. jstein9020

    jstein9020 New Member

    Update: So I brought the truck into a local Twin Cities Chevrolet Dealer, they are attempting the acoustic sound barrier fix according to the TSB. The dealer I bought the truck from also agreed to work with me on getting thru the fix and road testing the vehicle before they close out my return period for a refund. The individual dealers all seem to be working hard to make this right. I'll keep you posted on if the newest rev of TSB 10-08-58-001F, corrects the issue, or if I take the truck back to the dealer and bail out. Thanks for the input.
  7. jstein9020

    jstein9020 New Member

    I had the truck up fitted with the complete TSB 10-08-58-001F. This included the newest designed acoustic sound block that is thicker & rubber backed, with channels that route the vent noise/wind towards the center of the new acoustic block. The result is that the noise from the rear of the cab (wind/tire) is reduced by about 75% in my opinion. In fact I may be hyper-sensitive after dealing with this, and arguably, this now sounds like most new pickup trucks I have been in. At times it is difficult to tell that any noise is actually coming from the rear of the cab. I purposely drove the truck on a concrete highway, and all though I could hear some tire noise, it was easy to carry on a normal conversation. With that being said, I think GM will eventually arrive at the fact that the vents themselves should to be redesigned and replaced. In the mean time, I am very happy with this truck. I had it out hunting all day on Friday (coyotes hunting), snow, ice, muddy melting farm roads, wind, etc...and by days end I had averaged 17 mpg. Very nice and very enjoyable. The guys at Suburban Chevrolet in Eden Prairie, MN did the work. They were very detailed in performing each step of the TSB, and explained everything to me when it was complete.
  8. firefighter3215

    firefighter3215 New Member

    Thanks for all the information. I thought I was nuts with the noise. My 2005 Colorado was quieter than my Silverado. I have 8K on it and I called the dealer about the noise.. says he never heard of any complaints. I asked if he was new? He said no. I mentioned the TSB and the number and said I would like it fixed on Monday... He changed his tune at that point. We will see what happened.
  9. fesman

    fesman New Member

    Hey all,

    I am doing RAAMmat BXTII sound deadening (like dynamat but much better IMHO) mat in my truck and ran across the baffles and subsequently ran across this thread and read it to ensure I got mine setup like I wanted. First, my truck was much quieter than my 2002 Ext Cab Silverado to begin with and was acceptable from the Chevy lot. I was doing the mat to take it to the next level. Secondly, I have the thinner rear panel insulator (went to the cab floor all the way across), but it was modified slightly in a way I did not see on this forum anywhere so I thought I would throw it out there in case it will help any of you guys. It was done similarly to the TSBs posted. On the inside (wall side) of the insulator, near the bottom to middle height on right and left sides there was a 2-3" thick poly blanket type material (also about 3" wide) shaped to funnel air flow away from the doors and toward the middle of the insulator. It started at cab floor level and extended up curving inward slightly to just above the vents. Looked like the same concept that was in the TSB "E" version that they used truck bed tape on where they essentially taped around the vents to direct airflow toward the center of the vehicle. Additionally there was a piece of thick flexible plastic type material hot glued to the exterior (cab facing side) of the insulator directly over vent locations. I should have gotten a picture, but did not, if anyone needs it I can draw it over one of the insulator pics and repost so you know what it looked like. I in addition I put sound deadening mat on the entire back wall and covered it with two layers of closed cellulose foam (I used Ensolite IUO Peel and Stick) on the entire back wall with some extra in the lower center section that was more open to the cab. I put some very small strips directly on the horizontal shelf sections of the vents themselves as well. Result is the back is extremely quiet. Before I could hear some tire noise coming from the rear, but now I can't hear anything back there. Redirecting my attention toward the front now as I can hear more from up there than I could before....good luck to you guys in fixing your road noise issues.

  10. fesman

    fesman New Member

    lame.jpg Best flat pic I could find of the insulator....disregard the deadening mat in this pic, that was from the TSB, on my insulator that was on the opposite side and much smaller (covered the vent area plus about 25%). Note the lame white stuff I added with MS Paint, that is what I was trying to describe above, that was the poly fill blanket type material that was glued onto the back side of the insulator.

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