Excessive Cab Noise - 2010 Chevy Silverado & 2010 GMC Sierra Road Noise

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Hawgin1, May 5, 2010.

  1. t75atc

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    Awesome, please sens a copy to: t75atc@gmail.com
  2. wpauli

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    This was a blast from the past. It has been now 9 months since I traded in my 10 GMC for a Ram 1500. Every time I meet a GM on the highway I wonder how the owners are doing? I sympathize with you. I made lots of posts on here back in my GMC ownership days. Glad they are behind me. best of luck to you.
  3. pineyrooter

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    I had the service bulletin done on my 2010 crew and it helped but I still have slight wind noise around the doors and some from the back. I've decided I'm done with the noise so after this weekend I'll be driving a Ford which is quite as a mouse. Been driving chevys since 1985 and the 2010 was my first new vehicle. What I cant understand is why GM wont fix this problem during the build. I wont say I'll never drive chevy again but they are gonna have to tighten up and catch up with Ford before I do. Drove my PIL's Ford to Michigan from Georgia and back and its quite, drives great, plenty of power and just as good on fuel. Never thought I'd be saying this about Ford.

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    I did this and it stopped the flapping of those black strips which started about 5 months in. I still have wind noise around the doors.
  4. ChevyFan

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    I actually just have one question, maybe it's because it's 8 am and my Monster Energy hasn't kicked in, but what does "Drove my PIL's Ford" mean? What's a PIL?
  5. rotti

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    parents in law?
    just guessing
  6. pineyrooter

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    Sorry... Pa-In-Law. I guess its a Georgia Thing I'm not sure. It was a sure fix. No more road or wind noise.
  7. LT1SS

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    Hi All,

    I just bought a new 2012 Silverado Crew Cab in August and noticed too the the wind noise when driving. I know there is a lot of focus on the vents behind the seats but has anyone looked at the glass lower corner near the door locks for air passing around the glass. During a cold morning remote start I had frost on the windows and noticed the frost had melted in this location first before any other place on the glass. It looks like the warm cabin air is going around the glass and melting the frost. I have cut some foam rubber pads and slid them in the outside corner between the trim and glass to see if it would cut down on the noise. I still need to cut more foam to completely fill in behind the plastic trim in the corner. For what I have done it seamed to have helped some but I still can till hear some noise. I plan on looking at the vents behind the seats to pad them with foam or something. Hopefully the combination of the glass leak and vent may stop most of the noise. Hope this sparks some new ideas on a "cure".

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    Trying to attach a picture.

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  8. skeeter bob

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    Ask dealer about Bulletin No.: 10-08-58-001F, applies to certain 2012 and prior truck

    Skeeter Bob: Hi all!

    Had same problem, dealer parts department gave me Bulletin # 10-08-58-001F. Turns out my truck(2012 G Plant code built after june 1, 2011) had this insulation package installed, however there is an opening in insulation at center of cab about 2 inches from bottom of insulation, approx 3 " x 10", plugged with an old towel, lots of noise went away, haven't noticed any problems with door closing or air flow when running heater or ac.

    There can also be a problem of c pillar panels not being sealed, bullettin address's that problem also, 2007-2010 year models

    Hope this helps.:great:
  9. j cat

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    the cab vent is to create a flow of air into / out of the cab with the vent on or off. this is so CO gases do not build up and cause you to get ill from the toxic fumes.

    these vents have been on GM vehicles for decades.

    wind noise can be located around the doors / windows by using 2 inch masking tape.

    on my 2000 silverado @ 70 mph + I would get a nasty air noise. using the tape I found it was the windshield gasket on the roof pilar. I then used a 2 inch wide heavy duty electrical tape to cover the sharp edge this has been on for 13 yrs now .

    on another vehicle the door gasket did not properly seal the door at the pilar post between the front /rear doors. with this I had to make the door gasket bigger so it could seal the door properly. oem seal to thin..
  10. antiford302

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    So after about a month of my 2010 GMC 2500HD 6.0 Gas at the Chevy dealer, They replaced door seals, and drip rail seal added the cab filter, it was still making a ton of noise. They blamed the BFG All terrain tires on it. I ask if they would change them out with some other tires. They found it was still making a lot of "road Noise" with stock hwy tires. They called GM tech and they had them replace the transmission mounts and re-center the motor and transmission/Transfer case. After that even with the BFG's on the noise is 100% better. There is still window wind noise, but it was the drive train binding up. Just my experience. Probably won't buy another GMC/Chevy truck again without a long, long test drive. Very disappointing.

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