Excessive Cab Noise - 2010 Chevy Silverado & 2010 GMC Sierra Road Noise

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Hawgin1, May 5, 2010.

  1. drjrh

    drjrh New Member

    THE fix for road noise in silverado cabs

    Like many others I was driven crazy by the excessive road noise coming from the rear of the cab in my 2010 Silverado. Dealers blamed it on mis-alighned doors, bug deflector inadequate insulation, etc., when clearly the noise was coming fromthe vents behind the rear seats........interestingly, mostly fromthe right rear.

    Here's the way I fixed it.

    Go to home depot (Lowes, Ace, True Value, whatever) in the plumbing section you'll find styro-foam pipe insulators designed to fit over 1/2 inch supply lines. Generally they come four to a pack are are approximately 3 feet long.(+/-). They are slit the entire length to allow them to be placed over plumbing pipes.....That's good.

    Use you finger to open the slit in one section and place a second section inside. Run duct tape around this tube in three or four places. Then, from the bottom of the truck..............fold the tube in a horse-shoe shape and push it up from the bottom between the cab and bed with the arms pointerd upward on each side of the vents. Lastly, put a piece of duct tape from the top of one of the 'arms' to the other, pull it tight and secure.

    In the end you have encircled the vents with the hand-made styro-tube that will give (flex) as the truck moves, doesn't interfere with the vent's function, allows air to pass through so auto-temp controls still work well and the noise is GONE.

    NOTE: to make my Grandson happy we used color coordinated duct tape so the fix is nearly invisible.


    John R. Hanson, PhD
  2. drueb

    drueb New Member

    ...so you use the entire 3.5 foot length on each side?
  3. t75atc

    t75atc New Member

    I'm done with GM

    I think this will eventually rub through the paint wherever they touch the cab and bed leaving bare metal exposed for rust to form, also leaving places for dirt and road grime to collect. I had everything done to my truck that they would do at the GMC dealer and nothing worked. I've grown used to it and have decided I will probably not buy another truck from GM because of there lack of desire to make this flaw in their design right and basically blowing us all off. I have been a die hard GM, mainly Chevrolet, guy for over 38 years owning everything from several '35 Chevys, a few Impala SS's, '49 Chevy 3100, to my present 2010 GMC, 2008 Buick Enclave and '66 Chevelle. I may very well be done with GM!

  4. Arclight

    Arclight New Member

    Use enough to encircle the vent. In other words, make a donut horse shoe shape around it.

    PS: I went to Walmart and bought one of their car washing sponges and pushed it up under the bottom of the vent. It stopped my noise. The sponge has not fallen down/out in over two years--even if it rains.

    You can also use one of those pool noodles and cut it to any length.

  5. drueb

    drueb New Member

    I like the Walmart car washing sponge idea...I will give that a try...Thanks!
  6. almo

    almo New Member

    Has anyone heard of an online petition or any other way to force them to solve the issue with negative press? When I tried to explain to Canada's GM Customer care, they deny knowing anything and try to treat it as an isolated issue. Apparantly they do not subscribe to any forums or message boards that have mentioned this problem.

    CKNSLS Rockstar 100 Posts

    Not all trucks have this issue. GM people do monitor Internet forums....
  8. wpauli

    wpauli Member

    To t75atc and all other frustrated GM truck drivers:

    like many of you, I was a GM guy. I loved driving trucks and GM could do no wrong. My first was a classic 1970 with the wood slats in the box. I still want to find one of those again. But to my point, I finally gave up on GM due to the terrible ride I received due to the road noise in my 2010 GM Sierra. For 18 months I have been driving a Ram 1500 and the quietness on the road is amazing. GM did very little for me and believe me, I tried to work with them. I still have all the voice mails and emails. When I think about going back to GM I just replay the messages, re-read the emails, and the thought quickly exists my mind. The 2014 redesign is supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread so we shall see. But I am thrilled with my Ram.

  9. Arclight

    Arclight New Member

    Will get rid of my 2010 GMC next year and shop the F150s.
  10. almo

    almo New Member

    Not sure what you are referring to? Did someone say ALL trucks have this issue? I don't care if you say that GM people, salesmen, detailers or the pope do monitor Internet forums, the manager of GM customer care that I spoke to told me they DO NOT. I never said I believed her, but I am saying she denies it. Just whom are these GM people of which you speak? Do they care that anyone who reads this thread and tells 2 people, who tells two people...
    Obviously many of us have an issue with our trucks and are using this forum to vent about GM's lack of concern for customer satisfaction and possibly find a solution that GM can't.
    Thanks for your enlightening contribution Troll!

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