Excessive Cab Noise - 2010 Chevy Silverado & 2010 GMC Sierra Road Noise

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Hawgin1, May 5, 2010.

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    Have you checked out this section of our Forum? They typically look into customer service issues/concerns such as yours.

    Also, I don't think CKNSLS meant any harm or was trying to offend; it appears that member was just making a couple of quick points. All should be good :glasses:

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    Gee.....I have 76 posts and I am a troll.......

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    I am going back to the service dept because GM cannot solve the issue without causing more problems.

    I have lost track of which TSB was last done on my truck.

    Anyway, the other day I walked up to my truck from behind while it was running after remote starting. When I got to the rear of the cab, I could hear wind noise coming from the left rear door! Upon further investigation, I have found that whatever GM did that partially plugged the vents is now putting so much strain on the blower motor that it is forcing air through the window seals and the gap between both front and rear doors! It is so bad that I can actually feel the air with my hand! Both sides of the truck!

    There is no doubt the bandaid fix has shortened the lifespan of the blower motor brushes at the very least, but what else.

    I may start the truck up, put the blower on 1/2 speed and use a soap/water mixture to find all the leaks and video it for GM customer care.

    Has anyone else with noise issues and campaigns completed or not actually heard or felt the air blowing out the seals?
    This might be adding to the original noise issue or just pointing out the fact that GM uses very poor quality cabin sealing.

    With the exception of the one-family 67 Firebird in my garage, I doubt I will ever own another GM product.:grrrrrr:
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    Sorry your having issues dude....No I don't spew redundant Cra*. It sounds like the dealer PLUGGED the vents behind the cab. The owners who have had this TSB did not report the results you are having. They reported less noise-but not completely gone. I wouldn't go back to that dealer because it sounds like the TSB was performed incorrectly, that's the dealer's fault not GM.
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    I just put Michelin tires on my truck (48,XXX on the originals) and it has cut down on the noise considerably.

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    This is a first hand experience, but once my child spilled a sweet drink in the lower portion of the door panel, after it sat a while and when my wife opened the door it acted as a glue and separated the lower seal from the door a little and I was getting road noise in that opening.......
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    Air noise now.

    I have Goodyear Eagle LS2 on her today and will be putting on my winter shoes this weekend, Bridgestone Duelers cause they have better grip in the snow. I will see if there is a difference in the noise after the swap. I had a lot of road noise until they replaced the door seals, now its some wind noise where the 2 doors meet on my ext cab. I did remove the bug screen and put two sided foam tape between the windshield and the two trip pieces on each side of the windshield. That stopped the wind noise up front.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I will be putting on my Duelers this weekend... I will see if there is a difference.
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    Good idea on the windshield trim, mine was making a lotta racket there as well, will have to try that!!
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    I can't believe GMC is selling their 2014's as super quiet.
    Obviously this forum had made a difference for future buyers.

    At least they are trying to overcome bad publicity. DON'T BELIEVE'M!

    I've been on here complaining and looking for solutions for some time.
    Used the pool noodle fix with some success on my 2010 crew. Still hard
    to have conversations or listen to the radio on road trips.

    Dodge has a nice side bed locking tool box option and are quiet. Trading
    soon and after 48 yrs of GM, looks like the end.

    Tip: Don't get the GPS option on new vehicles, buy a good Garmin instead.
    It's portable, no annual fees, lifetime map updates, voice recog., talks to ya
    and handles hands free phone. All for a fraction of cost of the added option.

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    Dude...if you test drove a 2014 like I did you would find them ultra quiet, a very smooth transmission, and an almost seamless AFM transition.

    Don't bash the new model simply because your not a happy camper!

    Good luck with your Dodge. Have you checked to see how many used Dodges there are out there? Must be a reason!

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